1750’s ~ Earliest known settlers arrive

 1796  ~   Incorporated, as part of the Town of Columbia – First town meeting held April 4, 1796 – Gowin Wilson Sr. house

 1863  ~   Incorporated as the separate Town of Columbia Falls First town meeting held April 6, 1863 – Hamlin Hall

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Columbia Falls History

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The 150th Celebration Event Schedule
Steering Committee and subcommittees

Celebration Final Financial Report
Event  Income   Expense   Profit or Loss 
   Ads in Papers, etc.                911.47                (911.47)
   Brochure                763.75                (763.75)
Annual Report Delivery                  240.00                 240.00
Car Show                  52.03                  (52.03)
Celebration House Tour                  540.00                 540.00
Charles Plummer - Impersonator                250.00                (250.00)
Christmas House Tour                  735.00                227.00                 508.00
Civl War Ball               1,035.00            1,126.58                  (91.58)
Dances            1,185.00             (1,185.00)
Decoration                  100.00                599.75                (499.75)
Desk & Chair Proceeds                  350.00                 350.00
Fireworks            4,500.00             (4,500.00)
Flags                  540.00                599.90                  (59.90)
Foot Race                  18.34                  (18.34)
Fund Raisers               3,208.79              3,208.79
Gas Raffle               1,400.00                850.00                 550.00
Gloria's History Book               2,485.00            1,709.05                 775.95
Gun Raffle               4,150.00            1,669.97              2,480.03
Horse & Wagon Ride            1,800.00             (1,800.00)
Inflatables            1,326.00             (1,326.00)
Magnets                  146.00                  75.00                    71.00
Parade            1,030.00             (1,030.00)
Paint Columbia Falls                  457.50                  99.00                 358.50
Porta Potties (including Town Meeting)                630.00                (630.00)
Post Office Box (closed)                    8.76                    (8.76)
Security            1,260.00             (1,260.00)
Stocking Raffle                    91.00                    91.00
T-Shirts                  415.00                633.00                (218.00)
Transporation                 440.00                (440.00)
Vendors                  225.00                 225.00
Volunteer Insurance (2.50 * 50)                    78.75                  (78.75)
   Subtotal Committee Events             16,118.29          21,843.35             (5,725.06)
Sponsors/Donations               3,645.00                3,645.00
   Committee Events & Sponsors             19,763.29          21,843.35             (2,080.06)
Town Appropriations               7,500.00                7,500.00
Totals             27,263.29          21,843.35              5,419.94
Chuck Hammond, Chairperson
Pamela Look, Treasurer  John Tibbetts, Treasurer 

Celebration Feedbacks:

“We were just saying last night how fabulous the weekend was. What a lot of work. The committee managed to create something for everyone and so many events that appealed to all ages; no mean feat. And you really found ways to honor all aspects of town history, past and present. Wonderful”.-Susan Roberts

“Special thank yous to the planning team!  It was a great success and I'm glad DSF (Downeast Salmon Federation) was able to participate”.-Dwayne Shaw

“Job well done”-Karen Worcester

“Everyone that I talked to was most cordial and friendly and I carry with me fond memories of my visit and presentation.  I also commend you and your committee for all of your efforts that made it an outstanding celebration of the 150th anniversary of Columbia Falls”. Charles Plummer (Gen. Joshua Chamberlain)

“20 great memories of the CF celebration” title of picture album submitted by Ora Aselton

“We had a 150th birthday celebration here for the town on
June 29.  It was fun”. - Loyce Worcester

“A Great Weekend for sure!!!- Jean Driscoll

“IT WAS A LOVELY EVENT”- Nancy Hastings Downeast Coastal Press

“Thoroughly impressed by the dedication of the planning committee to put together such a great celebration for my home town” - Rosa Dykes



The 150 Celebration- Friday evening, June 28th at 7PM in Union Hall hear Charles Plummer as Civil War General Joshua Chamberlain talk about the Great War and the roles that volunteers from Columbia and Columbia Falls played in winning it. Start your day on Saturday June 29th, 7AM to 10AM with breakfast at Faith United Methodist Church Route 1 Columbia. After breakfast a full day of activities including: Foot race; Parade; Opening Ceremony; Fish Fry; Car show; Historic house tour; Art Show and Auction; Historic display; Horse and Wagon rides; Bounce house and other children’s activities; Ruggles House and Library bake sales; Blacksmith, weaving and sawmill demonstrations; Vendors and crafts; Visit Wreaths Across America Museum,  Columbia Falls Pottery, School Memorabilia Room, Library and Downeast Salmon Federation Hatchery; Sea Food chowder and baked bean supper; Fireworks and Two dances.  Sunday, June 30th begins with brunch at the Municipal Building; Church Services at Faith United Methodist Church, 10:45AM and United Methodist Church 11AM; 12:15 PM Service of Remembrance at the bridge; Ice cream Social; Visit Ruggles House Museum, Wreaths Across America Museum,  and Columbia Falls Pottery.


FREE Parking and Transportation- Saturday June 29th the following streets will be closed from 8AM to 4PM: Main Street from the East end at Rt 1 to the top of Great Hill by the cemeteries; Point St. from Addison to Columbia Falls; Town Landing Rd from 8AM to Midnight; Exceptions will be access to the post office, homes on these streets and emergency vehicles. there will be free public parking on Route 1 east of the village at the Gulf Station and west of town at the Discount Hut and Columbia Fire Station. Free buses will run continuously all day from parking lots to the village. Free transportation within the village will be by horse and wagon all afternoon.


Parade participant parking- Parade lineup is 9AM on Point Street all parade participants should arrive from the Addison end or ride the bus to the municipal center. For the Kiddies parade lineup is near the Municipal Center in front of Vance and Hillary Pineo’s house. The main parade line up is on the hill by Hugh Drisko’s house. After the parade there will be bus transportation from the fire station back to the hill on Point Street.


 Town Library will be having a book and bake sale on Saturday, June 29th.


Union Hall will be the hub of activities on Saturday, June 29th. The opening Ceremony will take place on the steps at 11AM (or right after the parade). A historic collection of local antiques and artifacts will be on display all day. Paint Columbia Falls day artists will sign in here in the morning at 7AM. Their art will be displayed here at 4PM and sold at auction at 5PM. Celebration committee volunteers will staff an information table on the lawn and sell historic house tour tickets, tee shirts, the new C.F. History books by Gloria Hayward, and souvenir refrigerator magnets.



Falls 150 Celebration

Parking on Saturday, June 29th will be available on the east side of town at the corner of Rout 187 (Jonesport Road) and Route 1 and on the west side at the Quonset Hut Discount store on Rt 1.


On Saturday June 29th start your festivities with a great breakfast at the Faith United Methodist Church on Route One, Columbia 7AM to 10AM .


Columbia Falls Historic House tour on June 29th from 1PM to 4PM will include 3 houses listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service, Captain John Bucknam House 1789, Ruggles House 1818-1820, and Columbia House c1834. Other buildings are Wilson Keen House 1794 (gardens only), The United Methodist Church 1840, the George Bucknam House 1840 (outside only), the Gilbert Lafayette Bucknam House c1860 and the Doctor White House c1860. Tickets are $12.00 and will be on sale on the 29th in front of Union Hall


In the Municipal building on June 29th the library will have a book and bake sale and the school memorabilia will be open.  


An added bonus to the C.F. 150 Celebration on June 29th will be free sawmill demonstrations by Andrew Pepper from noon to 4PM.


Most events and special interests at the upcoming C.F. 150th anniversary celebration are absolutely free. For example: Friday, June 28th - Living history presentation by Charles Plummer impersonating Civil War Gen. Joshua Chamberlain at the Union Hall, 7 p.m.; all day Saturday June 29th 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. bus transportation from off-site parking continuously to and from the village; 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Horse Drawn Wagon rides continuously, back and forth from Fire Station to Municipal Building; historic display at Union Hall; bounce house & other children’s activities at fire house area; School Memorabilia Room at municipal building – town office section; Wreaths Across America Museum Open at Municipal Building rear entrance; Columbia Falls Pottery Open - 150 Main Street; Tom Hudson – Blacksmith Demonstrations and Cheri Hudson – Weaving Demonstrations at 136 Main Street; Downeast Salmon Federation Open Houseat Salmon Hatchery; Vendors And Crafts – through out the village; 8 a.m. Old Fashioned Foot Race; 10 a.m.. Festival ParadeStarts beyond first hill Point Street – Ends at Rt. 1 East, 11 a.m. Opening Ceremony – Union Hall Steps, 11a.m. – 1p.m. car show at 40 Main Street; 4 p.m. Art Show and Auction at Union Hall; Dusk Fireworks over the river; Sunday June 30th 11 a.m. Special Service at United Methodist Church, 16 Church Hill Circle,  12:15 p.m. Service Of Remembrance Of Our Veterans – at the Bridge, 1 – 3 p.m. 1863 Period ice cream social on the union hall lawn, all day 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Wreaths Across America Museum Open, Downeast Salmon Federation Open House, Columbia Falls Pottery Open.


Columbia Falls 150th Celebration

Crafter & Vendor Registration




Thank you for your interest in participating in the Columbia Falls 150th Birthday Celebration. The following includes information regarding vendors and the attached registration form that must be returned if you wish to reserve a vendor space.


Vendors/Crafters are responsible for their own tables, tents, set up, etc. Each vendor space is 10x10 and vendors are able to purchase more than one space. No electricity or water is provided. Please no generators. Vendor slots will be assigned based on type of products/services and by first come, first serves basis. Vendors are asked to participate from 9:00AM to 5:00PM on Saturday, June 29, 2013. The entire village area of Columbia Falls will be limited to foot traffic; upon completion of registration, vendors will receive a receipt of payment, vehicle pass, and slot assignment.


Vendor Fees are nonrefundable and must be sent in with this registration form in order to reserve space. Vendor Fee: $25.00   

Please make checks payable to: Town of Columbia Falls/Columbia Falls 150th Celebration

Mail to: Town of Columbia Falls

 Box 100

Columbia Falls, ME  04623

Attn. Vendors


Questions may be directed to Dawn Bragg who can be contacted by phone at (207) 483-4751 or email at




Crafter & Vendor Registration Form: Return by May 17, 2013



Name:                                                            Phone:                                                


Town:                                         State:                                    Zip:                                         

Email:                                                       Website:                                                    




The Columbia Falls 150th Celebration Committee reserves the right to reject this vendor registration form if the celebration committee determines that the vendor’s organization or products are inappropriate for the celebration or conflict with the goals of the 150th Celebration Committee.


The vendor agrees that he or she, together with his or her agents, employees, or volunteers, will cooperate with committee members and follow directions of committee members during the celebration. A vendor may be expelled (with no refund) from the celebration if they are being uncooperative with celebration committee members, unruly, or violent.


In making this registration, I hereby and forever discharge the Columbia Falls 150th Celebration Committee, the Town of Columbia Falls, and all related members and agents, from all manner of actions, suits, claims, and/or demands, whatsoever, in law or in equity, for damage or loss arising from this registration and/or my (or my organization’s) participation in the Columbia Falls 150th Celebration.


Signature                                                                     Date                           


Spring Greetings to Area Artists:  It's Time to Shake Off Cabin Fever!


Welcome, warmer temperatures, shy blossoms, and little green shoots... and welcome, artists, to another season of plein-air painting! Surely, you're eager to get outdoors and find a sunny workspace to capture the perennial beauty of Downeast Maine.


As you set your sights on the many lovely painting opportunities in our part of the state, don't forget that Columbia Falls is celebrating its 150th Anniversary with a Paint Columbia Falls Day on Saturday, June 29th.


All of you, from children to adults, are invited to turn your creativity loose in this charming village.

Whether you work with crayons or paint, pencil or pastel, pack your supplies and head to Columbia Falls for some wonderful inspiration ranging from pastoral landscapes to historic buildings.


Here are the details:




TIMES:   7:00-8:00 am, SIGN-IN at UNION HALL; receive artist's # and ID tag for parking and travel                  in town, (otherwise closed to vehicular traffic).


                 3:00 pm, DELIVER ART to UNION HALL


                 4:00 pm- 5:00 pm, REFRESHMENTS and SILENT AUCTION at UNION HALL


GUIDELINES:  All 2-D media will be accepted. Artists may submit as many works as desired. However, all work must be done on the day of the event and registered with a stamp to assure a "wet auction".


PROCEEDS:  30% of final bid will benefit the town of Columbia Falls;  70% of final bid will benefit the artist.






So, mark the date, dust off that easel, and get ready for a creative experience with other art-minded folks, as we "Paint the Town"!


Jean Driscoll and Ora Aselton, Paint Columbia Falls Committee



To print this form-right click on image form, select "copy image" from the drop down menu, paste in a blank text page on your computer.


To print this form-right click on image form, select "copy image" from the drop down menu, paste in a blank text page on your computer.

History Book Presale- Columbia Falls History in Pictures & Writing by Town Historian, Gloria Allen Hayward are being presold at $20.00 per copy to raise money for the printing. This book has the history, builders and owners of over     90 homes, buildings and businesses in Columbia Falls with many pictures. To reserve a copy call Roberta Hammond at 483-4120 or Grace Falzarano at 483-6647. Copies are expected to be available by June 1st, 2013 in time for the big 150th Celebration weekend.

The 150 Committee has decided to have a kid’s parade precede the main parade at 10:00AM on June 29th. Small children must be accompanied by an adult. Doll carriages, leashed or caged pets, bicycles, tricycles, costumes and whatever kids can imagine are welcome. Vendors and crafts are wanted for June 29th. Anyone interested should contact Dawn Bragg at 483-4751 or email to

Tickets for the Grand Civil War Ball are on sale now tickets are on sale now. Don’t miss this event to be held on April 6th at 7PM which promises to be one of the greatest social events in Columbia Falls’ history. Tickets are $12.00 and are limited to only 200. They maybe purchased at the town office (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), Bygone Antiques, 598-8274 (old ESSO gas station in Harrington) or the following steering committee members: Roberta Hammond, 483-4120; Pam Look, 483-4338; Grace Falzarano, 483-6647; Bun Ward, 483-2977; Tony Santiago, 546-5464; and Dawn Bragg, 483-4751. Checks should be made out to: Town of Columbia Falls, 150 Celebration. Please have exact change when paying with cash. This is intended to be a fun social event for everyone. We expect that there will be many people dressed in Civil War period dress as well as contemporary clothing. Whether you dance or not come and enjoy the music by Lynn Brubaker. There will be a Grand March led by Robert and Helene Hammond, who have years of experience leading the GM at Narraguagus High School Balls. The admission ticket is an old fashioned dance card which lists the order of the dances and who they are dedicated to. Dances will be a variety of Contra, Square and Waltzes with intermissions for socializing, refreshments and punch. Alba Briggs is the dance “Caller” and recognizes that many people attending this ball do not have any Contra Dance or Square Dance experience. He will use experienced couples at the beginning of each number to demonstrate the steps. These dances are repetitious and getting the hang of it comes quickly. Couples, groups and singles are all welcome. 


The Columbia Falls 150 celebration steering committee discussing the Kiddies Parade which will precede the main parade at 10AM on June 29th. Doll carriages, leashed or caged pets, bicycles, tricycles, costumes and whatever kids can imagine are welcome.

                                        Civil War Era Hair Style


                        Complete your Civil War Ball costume with a hair style

                    by Amanda McLaughlin – call 598-8204 to               

                     reserve an appointment for Saturday April 6th.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Refrigerator Magnets on sale at the Town Office for $2.00 each

The C.F. 150 Celebration Grand Civil War Ball is only a month away and here is what one might expect at the ball. Not everyone will come in costume and that is OK. This is intended to be a fun social event for everyone. We expect that there will be many dressed in contemporary clothing and of course many people do not care to dance. The music is by Lynn Brubaker and her group will be occupying the stage area. There will be a Grand March led by Robert and Helene Hammond, who have years of experience leading the GM at Narraguagus High School Balls. The admission ticket is an old fashioned dance card which lists the order of the dances and who they are dedicated to. Dances will be a variety of Contra, Square and Waltzes with intermissions for socializing, refreshments and punch. Alba Briggs is the dance “Caller” and recognizes that many people attending this ball do not have any Contra Dance or Square Dance experience. He will use experienced couples at the beginning of each number to demonstrate the steps. These dances are repetitious and getting the hang of it comes quickly. (Roberta and I with no prior experience attended a contra dance last fall in Dennysville with music by Brubaker and we quickly caught onto the steps). There will be plenty of seating arranged around the walls of the hall for those not dancing. Enjoying the music and watching the dancing should be very interesting. Souvenir portraits will be available by Nelson Photography. Tickets are $12.00 per person and will go on sale soon. Singles, couples and groups are all welcome.  

If you are renting your costume Linda, owner of Vintage Finery Costumes & Bridal in Orrington says rent early. Vintage Finery will be closed March 19th until April 9th. She has an amazing selection of Civil War era clothing for men and women. She would like to help with costume rentals for the Columbia Falls Grand Civil War Ball on April 6th at Union Hall. Please make sure you see Linda before March 18th!  Vintage Finery is open year round with flexible hours by appointment. Linda is known for her customer service and personal attention. Call ahead @ 207-356-9560 and she will help you find just what you’re looking for.

The 150 committee
met with artists Jean Driscoll and Helen Hall to discuss details of the “Paint Columbia Falls Day” planned for Saturday, June 29th, 2013 during the big Columbia Falls 150 celebration weekend. It was noted that Jonesport would be having a similar art event on the same day as part of their annual 4th of July celebration. The special 1863 flag the committee wants to use for utility poles was confirmed as the same flag used by the 20th Maine Regiment during the Civil War and has been authorized by the Maine Honor Guard for display by the town. The cost of these flags will be sponsored by individuals in honor of or in memory of someone. Town funds will not be used. In fact all the celebration activities are being paid for by money raised by the steering committee and donations except for the original $2500 the town appropriated as “seed” money last year at the 2012 town meeting. Clarence Tabbutt drew the winners for the Gulf gas card raffle. The $100.00 winner was John Tibbetts, whom was present and asked that another name be drawn. The second name was Ronie Strout; the $250.00 winner was Kathy LaPlant; the $500.00 winner was Nancy Robinson. The Civil War Ball committee reports that the combination Ball ticket and dance card design is underway and tickets will be on sale soon for the Grand Civil War Ball on April 6th, 2013.


A Mid-Winter Greeting to Area Artists:

Although painting en plein air may not be on your schedule during these blustery months, we'd like you to mark your calendar for a June date that will get you out at the height of summer's perfection. The town of Columbia Falls is celebrating its 150th anniversary of incorporation and there has been an impressive amount of advance preparation for a full weekend of festivities. Among a myriad of events, Saturday, June 29th is "Paint Columbia Falls Day" and all area artists are invited to participate.

Here are some preliminary details: date: Saturday, June 29, 2013... Rain or shine. Times: 7:00-8:00 am, sign-in at Union Hall; receive artist # and ID tag for parking and travel in town, (otherwise closed to vehicular traffic). 3:00 pm, deliver art to Union Hall 4:00- 5:00 pm, Silent auction at Union Hall. Guidelines: All 2-D media are welcomed. All work must be done on the day of the event and registered with a mark at sign-in to assure a "wet auction". Proceeds: 30% of final bid will benefit the town of Columbia Falls; 70% of final bid will benefit the artist. Advanced registration by e-mail: June may not have rolled out its green carpet, as yet, but it's not too early to daydream and to drive through the lovely village of Columbia Falls scouting the perfect location. Interested? Let us hear from you and spread the word to fellow artists. More information will follow. We're looking forward to meeting and working with each of you as we "Paint the Town"! Jean Driscoll and Ora Aselton, Paint Columbia Falls Committee


The “costume on the cheap” workshop by Roberta Hammond  on Sunday January 28th was a fun event. Mrs. Hammond demonstrated how easily and inexpensively anyone could make a costume for the upcoming great Columbia Falls Civil War Ball on April 6th 2013. She had a clothes rack full of sample gowns, tops and skirts as well as a display of  fabric, accessories such as lace, hairpieces, ribbons, shawls and patterns. Everyone received a handout with simple and inexpensive dress, accessories, shoes, jewelry and hair ideas and also  lists of websites. Of course costumes are not required but so many people have indicated a desire to “dress up” for the occasion. Hoop skirts were all the rage for formal attire in 1863. Hoop skirts and hoops can easily and inexpensively be purchased on eBay and Amazon. Ladies may find it more practical and comfortable to substitute a petticoat to get the desired full skirt look. Petticoats are easily available on the internet as well as wedding and vintage clothing shops. There is a great vintage clothing shop in Orrington at 16 Settlers Way, (207) 356-9560 (please call ahead) also on Facebook (Vintage Finery Costumes & Complete Bridal). The owner, Linda Mitchell-Storer will be on vacation for two weeks starting March 22nd, so you need to make arrangements before March 15th. If you decide do make your own costume a simple drawstring skirt can be made with 180” of fabric (check out Mardens discount stores). Roberta suggests browsing Good Will, second hand clothing shops and of course PRSWDD’s “to good to toss” shop. You might find a dress with the right skirt to go with a blouse in your closet. Cut the skirt off the dress, add some lace to the blouse and cover the waist with a sash or a bit of cloth - voila, a ball gown. Even Scarlet O’Hara had to “make do” with a curtain dress in the famous movie “Gone with the Wind” and don’t forget Carol Burnett’s spoof on that movie complete with the curtain rod. Gloves and fans are optional but very nice accessories. Shoes should be flat, even simple slippers. Since jewelry was given up for the war effort it would have been worn in moderation. Men’s clothing is much easier and simpler - dark pants, a white shirt, a vest, a string tie and you are done. For more ideas on clothing of the times Google “Civil War Ball”, see the new movie “Lincoln”, or watch old westerns on TV.  Mark your calendars now for the Grand Civil War Ball, April 6th at historic Union Hall (now handicap accessible). Tickets are $12.00 each and will be available soon. Singles, couples, and groups are all welcome. Come and enjoy the music, dancing, socializing or just to watch. Roberta would do another free costume workshop if at least 20 people sign up, call her at 483-4120



The 150 Committee presented its plans to the Town’s elected officials and interested individuals on Monday evening, the 21st in the municipal center: March 25th– 4:30 P.M.  Annual town meeting supper at the municipal building; 7:00 P.M.  Town meeting at Union hall (Historic Town Hall); April 6th, 2013 7 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. Grand Costume Ball – Union Hall (1863 period dress suggested); Friday, June 28 7 P.M. – Union Hall – Charles Plumber, widely known for his living history presentations, will be impersonating Civil War General Joshua Chamberlain and talk about the important role volunteers from Columbia and Columbia falls played in winning the war; Saturday, June 29, 7-10 A.M. - breakfast at Faith United Methodist Church - Rt. #1 – Columbia; Main Street closed to traffic all day; 8 A.M. – 5k foot race; 10 A.M. – Festival parade; 12 Noon – Salmon Federation fish fry; 11 A.M. – 1 p.m. Car show;  1 – 4 P.M. – Historic House tours; 9– 5 P.M. – Paint Columbia Falls Art Show;  4:30 -7 P.M. –  Jan Rossi’s Seafood Chowder Dinner or Baked Bean Dinner – municipal building; Dusk – Magnificent fireworks over the river; 9 – 12 midnight - Street Dance (Stillwaters) at the Fire station parking lot & inside dance (Orange River Band) at Municipal Building; All day ~ Union Hall historic display, Ruggles House museum open, Wreaths Across America museum open, Columbia Falls Pottery open, Downeast Salmon Federation open house, School memorabilia room open, Vendors and crafts, Library book and bake sale, a train and bounce house for kids; Scheduled demonstrations ~ Tom Hudson – blacksmith and Cheri Hudson – weaving; Sunday, June 30, 9 A.M. brunch at municipal building – United Methodist Women; 11 A.M. Service of Thanksgiving – United Methodist Church on the hill; 1 – 3 P.M. 1863 Period ice cream social on the Union Hall lawn; All day ~ Ruggles House museum open, Wreaths Across America museum open, Columbia Falls Pottery open, Downeast Salmon Federation open house, Vendors and crafts.


Photo by Grace Falzarano

The Committee has identified the following sponsorship or dedication opportunities for businesses or individuals to sponsor events or to have events named in honor or in memory of someone: the Hayward history book; a grand cake for the grand ball; the band for the ball – Lynn Brubaker’s; the band for street dance – Stillwaters;
the band for inside dance – Orange River; the fireworks; the Gen. Chamberlain impersonator, a living history presentation; flags & bunting; decorative pots of flowering plants;   the celebration brochure; almost any event or need is available for sponsorship / dedication.  The name of the sponsor or the dedication will be printed in the brochure which will be given to each person attending the celebration week-end and will be announced where possible.

Bunting and flags are wanted for display at the Union Hall, municipal building and the village during the Town’s celebration. Anyone who has these items to share please call Chuck at 598-8274. All items will be returned after the celebration.


Coming soon, Columbia Falls history in pictures and writing by town historian, Gloria Allen Hayward. This book contains over 100 pages of photos, past and present from all parts of town and a written history of the people who lived in the houses & buildings shown. This is a limited first edition and preordering is recommended to be sure of getting a copy of this first printing. The book is being edited now and as soon as a price is available from the printer preorders will be taken. Books are expected to be ready for general sale by the first of June.



Free workshop: “costume on the cheap” hosted by Roberta Hammond in the municipal center on Sunday, January 27th at 2pm. This discussion is in anticipation of the Columbia Falls Sesquicentennial Celebration Great Civil War Ball to be held on April 6th, 2013. Of course costumes are not required for attendance at the Ball but many people have expressed a desire to go dressed in Civil War period clothing. She will be demonstrating how easily and cheaply clothing from your closet can be modified to look like women’s and men’s styles popular in 1863. Hammond will be showing examples of civilian clothing as well as uniforms of both Yankee and Confederate soldiers (yes, southerners will be welcome without prejudice).  Hammond will also have sources available where costumes may be rented or purchased.


The 150 committee on January 7th approved Jan Rossi as the caterer for the Saturday evening  meal June 29th. The menu will be Seafood Chowder and traditional Baked Beans. There will be 2 separate prices. Jan was the manager of 44 Degrees North in Milbridge and is now the Dietary Technician at Narraguagus Bay Healthcare Facility.   Other items were approved and will be presented to the Selectmen on Jan 14th. I will report on these after the selectmen's meeting.

 The 150 Committee met on Nov. 5th. Sub-committee updated budgets were turned in to the finance committee. Proposals for kiddies carnival rides were discussed, no decisions made yet. One proposal is in from a caterer in the mid-coastal area for the lobster dinner on June 29th, 2013. A local company would be preferred and the committee is still requesting proposals. Gloria Hayward, town historian, has turned in a draft of the history book for typing and for obtaining printing proposals. Here is an opportunity to show your support for your hometown as it plans for and reaches its 150 landmark year as an independent town in 2013 by making a donation to support the celebration.  No donation is too small and in-kind donations are greatly appreciated as well.  Many volunteers will be needed to staff the planned events the weekend of June 28, 29 &30.  All donations of any kind will be recognized in the celebration brochure. Donate and join the many that have already showed their support for their present or former hometown.  Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt. Please make a donation today. Support the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Columbia Falls, Maine, and help make it a great success. Make check payable to:  Town of Columbia Falls – 150 Celebration. Send to:   Town of Columbia Falls – 150 Celebration P.O Box 100, Columbia Falls, ME 04623

To offer in-kind services or to volunteer: Email:   

Phone: 207-598-8274

Christmas House & Holiday Light Tour – a tour of decorated historic homes and more. Sunday, December 2nd, 2012. Tours: 3pm to 6pm, Town tree lighting and refreshments: 6:30 pm at the Salmon Hatchery. Tickets are $12.00 on sale starting November 15th at Elmer’s Discount and 4 Corners Shop and Save or by calling Robin at 546-5464, Roberta at 483-4120, or Nancy at 483-9767.  Benefiting the Columbia Falls 150th Anniversary Celebration.

Ruggles House Tea 1-4 pm Make it a day in Columbia Falls


John Tibbetts, Roberta and Chuck Hammond and Town Historian, Gloria Hayward  met on Monday, October 29th. Gloria has finished her first draft of the Columbia Falls history book. It is mostly about the old buildings and homes of Columbia Falls, complete with old photographs, builder’s names, early owners and history. She has put a tremendous amount of work into this. The committee hopes to have this book available for sale by the 150 celebration weekend of June 28, 29, and 30, 2013.

The 150 celebration advertising committee met on Tuesday, October 30.


The 150 Committee met on Tuesday October 23rd. The bands for the celebration on June 29th, 2013 are confirmed. Stillwaters will be playing for the street dance from 8-12 at the fire station parking lot and Orange River Band will be playing inside at the municipal building gym from 9-11. Tickets will be good for attendance at both events. A reminder that returnable cans and bottles may be taken to Delia’s Branch Grocery put on the Columbia Falls 150 celebration account. Please call Dawn Bragg at 483-4751 if you would like your cans and bottles to be picked up. The first Dan Kane Intramural Athletic Pee Wee basketball tournament will be Nov. 17 and 18 at the DW Merritt school gym. Admission will be 3.00 for adults and 1.00 for kids (5.00 family). The next Pee Wee tournament is tentatively scheduled for December 28 and 29. The next 150 committee meeting will be Monday, November 5th at municipal center. Updated budget sheets are due then. We are looking for a lobster bake caterer for the evening meal on June 29th, 2013. Interested caterers should call Chuck Hammond 598-8274.


The 150 Committee
will be co-sponsoring a Pee Wee basketball tournament with Dan Kane on November 17th and 18th at the D.W. Merritt School.


The 150 Committee met on Tuesday Sept. 18th and discussed finances. An ATV Jamboree is scheduled for Sunday October 7th, 2012 at the ball diamond which is very near the ATV trail. A Christmas House Tour is scheduled for December 2nd . There will be a yard sale at the Laundromat parking lot September 30th and former school house memorabilia desks will be on sale at that time.  The 150th Celebration Event Schedule has been updated.

The Columbia Falls 150th celebration “House Tour” committee is looking for a few homes in the village whose folks would be willing to open their doors for a Holiday Tour”. This will be a one day event tentatively scheduled for 3-6pm on Sunday December 2nd, 2012. The committee is asking friends that are unable to open their homes for tours to please light their homes in some way on that date to add to the holiday spirit. The proceeds from the tour will go toward the 150 celebration.  If you are interested in sharing all the hard work you do decorating your home for the holidays or would like more information please contact a committee member by September 15th. Roberta Hammond 483-4120, Nancy Herr 483-9767 or Robin Santiago 546-5464.


The 150 Committee sponsored motorcycle poker run took place on Sunday, August 26. There were 12 bikes (11 cruisers, 1 sport bike). The major manufacturers were represented - Harley, Honda, Triumph, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Participating riders were from Columbia Falls, Addison, Jonesport, Milbridge, Unionville, Cherryfield, and Columbia. The ride started and finished in Columbia Falls and took them through the following towns: Columbia, Harrington, Milbridge, Steuben, Unionville, Cherryfield, Addison, Jonesport, Jonesboro, Machias, and Whitneyville. There was some great socializing before, during and after the event. There were lots said about how nice it was to have a local motorcycle event and not have to ride an hour or more just to get there. Thank you to all the participants and volunteers. Special thanks to the Hungry Bear, Manaford's, the Blue Bird Restaurant, and Aunt Millie’s for being card stops, to David Frasier for the space, to John Porter for the tent and to the winner for turning the proceeds back to the committee. There were no mishaps and no breakdowns. If it were not for Joe Bragg’s persistence this “poker” run would not have happened. Just a few days before the event was scheduled the 150 Committee discovered that proper permits for “a game of chance” had not been obtained. Also since the 150 Committee was appointed by the selectmen a permit could not be obtained because municipalities are not allowed to hold games of chance. There were many frantic phone calls and emails among members and between Joe Bragg and Barry Hathaway, Inspector, Maine State Police, Special Investigations Unit, Gaming & Weapons Section. Mr. Hathaway writes: “My understanding is that you intend to display a deck of playing cards face up on a dartboard.  Participants will then shoot darts at the cards.  The cards that the participant hits will then represent his hand (five cards or seven cards whatever poker game it is).  A tie would be broken by the participants shooting more darts for maybe a new hand or high card.  These conducts are all skill and legal for you to conduct.  There is no limit to how much you may charge to play the game nor is there any limit to how much the prize might be.   No license is required for a game of skill”. Mr. Hathaway was impressed with this concept and asked Bragg if it would be all right to pass this idea along to other would be fund raisers.


The 150 Committee met on Wednesday evening at the municipal center. A lobster bake is being considered for the Saturday evening meal of the main celebration event on June 29th, 2013. The third annual Down East Country Fest is being held at the Columbia Falls Municipal Center on Saturday, July 21st at 7pm. We are pleased that the concessions will be provided by committee volunteers and the profits will go to the 150 celebration. A 97 mile motorcycle “Poker Run” will be held on August 26th, 2012 to benefit the 150 celebration. It starts at the corner of Rt. 187 & Rt. 1, Columbia Falls. Gathering time is 9am, start time is 9:30. Cost is $10.00 per hand and the winner gets a 50% payout. There will be food onsite.


The gun raffle drawing was held on Tuesday evening, June 26th. Buzz Grant, owner of 4 Corners Barber Shop sold the most tickets and drew the winning tickets one by one. Maggie Barr, Columbia Falls won the Remington semi-automatic shotgun; Frederick Page, Berwick, ME won the Savage bolt action centerfire rifle; David Simpler, Elkton, MD won the Smith & Wesson rimfire semi-auto pistol; Daryl Dorr, Cherryfield won the Henry US Survival semi-auto rimfire rifle; and James Openshaw, Milbridge won the H & R single shot shotgun. This raffle netted $2475.83 for the Columbia Falls 150th Celebration to be held in 2013.

photo by Chuck Hammond

Bun Ward (left), CF selectman and Buzz Grant, owner of 4 Corners Barber Shop draws the first winning ticket of the Columbia Falls 150 Celebration Gun Raffle.  Maggie Barr, CF won the Remington Semi-Auto Shotgun

The 150 Committee

There was no meeting this week. Next meetings will be on WEDNESDAYS July 11th and 18th at 7pm in the municipal building. Subcommittee budgets are due July 11th.


The 150 Committee June 12th

Souvenir T-Shirts, shopping bags, sweatshirts, cups, plates and magnets are in process of getting done. A commemorative postal cancelation stamp is in progress. The Steering Committee thanks Pam Look for spending several hours at Elmer’s Country Store (Ab’s) last Saturday selling raffle tickets. A reminder that budget is due from all sub-committees on June 30. Future Steering Committee meeting dates were set as: Wednesday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 18.



Machias Savings Bank’s Columbia Branch Manager, Steve Richardson, presents a check for $1000 to Pam Look, treasurer for the Columbia Falls 150th Celebration Steering Committee.

The 150 Committee

Tuesday May 8th, 2012 the Steering Committee will be represented at this years’ Blueberry Festival in Machias at lot 104 on Court Street. The Columbia Falls Sesquicentennial will be advertised and raffle tickets will be sold. During June and July this year the committee will meet every two weeks between the selectmen meetings. The committee will not meet in August. Ora Aselton has volunteered to help with the “Paint Columbia Falls Day”. The committee will sponsor a road side cleanup day on Saturday May 19th. Volunteers are needed and should meet at the fire station at 8am (boots, gloves, fly spray, sun screen and water are recommended).  The Parking/Transportation/Facilities/Cleanup committee met at Pam Look’s on Monday May 7th and put together a budget for the finance committee. A budget for all committees is due June 30th, 2012.


Falls Elementary Memorabilia on Sale

The CF 150 Celebration Committee will have on sale May 5th between 2-4 pm at the Former Community Room / Fire Station  Student desks and chairs from the Columbia Falls Elementary. The cost is $10.00 a set. The proceeds will be used to support the Columbia Falls 150 Anniversary Celebration June 28-June 30 2013.



The 150 Committee meeting on April 24th:

Dan Kane made a presentation for a local Pee Wee 3rd and 4th grade girl’s and boy’s basketball tournament set for May 4th and 5th  in the D.W. Merritt school gym. The 150 Committee will have a booth at the 2012 Blueberry Festival to sell raffle tickets. The transportation, town cleanup and parking committee will meet at Pam Look’s at 6:30 on May 7th. It was decided that craft and food vendors would be assigned spaces along the street but not in the street for the June 28-30, 2013 celebration. Vendor plot sizes will 10’ by 10’. A reminder – returnable bottles and cans may be taken to Delias’ Branch Grocery and credited to the Columbia Falls 150 celebration.


April 17th meeting - Eric Brooks will be chairman of the crafts and food vendors. Deborah Pease will be making a specialty cake and Danielle Nelson of Nelson Photography will be official photographer for the Grand Civil War Ball April 6th 2013. Stacey Pineo Dorr will provide for a medical station/table and The Stillwaters Band has been confirmed for the street dance for the June 28-30, 2013 celebration. The parking, traffic, facilities and town cleanup committees will meet at Pam Look’s house on May 7th at 7pm. A pyrotechnics meeting has been scheduled for May 21st at 6pm for reviewing the town landing fireworks site with an informational meeting afterwards. Two bag pipers have been confirmed for playing at the Union Hall as guests arrive to hear Charles Plummer’s impersonation of Civil War hero Joshua Chamberlain on June 28th 2013. Dan Kane will hold a Pee Wee basketball tournament for fund raising, date to be announced.


At the 150 committee meeting on Tuesday April 10th a new Gulf Oil gasoline gift card raffle was initiated; Grand Prize $500.00 Gulf Gift Card; Second Prize $250.00 Gulf Gift Card; Third Prize $100.00 Gulf Gift Card. They are redeemable at all Gulf Service Stations. Cost is only $10.00 per ticket and 500 tickets to be sold. Tickets are on sale at Elmers Country Store, Four Corners Barber, Delias Branch Variety, and Buds Power Equipment. Bun Ward discussed the possibility of having a Friday afternoon June 29th musical event in the municipal center. Everyone seemed to be in favor of looking into this further. A musicians group was chosen for the street dance and Bun will confirm that with the group. The treasurer, Pam Look reported that there is $1068 in the treasury after expenses and not including the expected $120 from the town for delivering annual reports and the $2500 appropriated at town meeting.  Roberta Hammond reported that Tom and Cheri Hudson will have the blacksmith shop open and a weaving demonstration/display at their home for the celebration. Specific times for all events were added to schedule. The latest event schedule may be viewed on the web at The 150 celebration postmark design is done and has been turned over to the postmaster. Central Maine Pyrotechnic will be coming  Monday May 21st at 6pm to view the town landing site for the fireworks and there will be an informative meeting at 6:30.



~ Columbia Falls, Maine – 150th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION ~

Incorporated as a Separate Town on March 25, 1863 

Part of the Town of Columbia 1793 TO 1863


FRIDAY, JUNE 28   7 P.M. – Union Hall – Charles Plummer impersonating Civil War General Joshua Chamberlain and talking about the Civil War Volunteers from Columbia and Columbia Falls – Free


7-10 A.M. Breakfast at Faith United Methodist Church -  Rt. #1 - Columbia                                                     


8 A.M.Old Fashioned Foot RaceStarts on upper Point Street –

                         Ends at Fire Station – Free

10 A.M. Festival Parade & Kid’s ParadeStarts beyond first hill Point Street

                        – Ends at Fire Station - Free

11 A.M. Opening CeremonyUnion Hall stepsFree


12 NOON Salmon Federation Fish Fry – Salmon Federation Building


11 A.M. – 1 P.M.  Car Show - 40 Main Street

                        (top of Main St. hill West just beyond Cemeteries) -Free

1 – 4 P.M. Historic House Tours – Map will be found on your ticket $12.00

                                                                                                                 Tickets may be purchased at Union Hall


8 A.M.-3 P.M.Paint Columbia Falls

  4-5 P.M.Art Show & Auction - at Union Hall - Free


4:30 – 7 P.M. Jan Rossi’s Seafood Chowder Dinner &  Baked Bean Dinner

                                           Municipal Building – 8 Point St.


DUSKMagnificent Fireworks over the River Free


9 – 12 MIDNIGHTStreet Dance (STILLWATERS)@ Fire Station (ORANGE RIVER BAND)@Municipal Building – 8 Point Street  Ticket for both dances is $5


11 A.M. – 4 P.M. 

Ruggles House Museum 146 Main Street – Part of House Tour 1-4 P.M. Ticket


The following are Free

Union Hall Historic Display


Wild Iris Farm Horse and Wagon rides


Bounce House, Zumba(1p.m.) & Other Children’s Activities – Fire House


Memorabilia Room at Municipal Building – Town Office Section


Wreaths Across America Museum at Municipal Building- rear entrance


Columbia Falls Pottery Open – 150 Main Street


Tom Hudson – Blacksmith Demonstrations 136 Main Street


Cheri Hudson – Weaving Demonstrations 136 Main Street


Downeast Salmon Federation Open House – at Salmon Hatchery


Venders and Crafts


SUNDAY, JUNE 30               

9 A.M. Brunch at Municipal Building - 8 Point Street – United Methodist Women


10:45 A.M. Faith United Methodist Church – Rt. 1 - Columbia

11:00 A.M.- United Methodist Church – 16 Church Hill Circle – Columbia Falls


12:15 P.M. Service of Remembrance of our Veteransat the Bridge- Free


1 – 3 P.M. 1863 Period Ice Cream Social on the Union Hall Lawn-Free

12 noon to 4:30 P.M.              

Ruggles House Museum  $5 adults $2 children                               Wreaths Across American Museum Free      Columbia Falls Pottery Free



 150 Celebration Steering Committee

 Chuck Hammond, Chair

John Tibbetts, Secretary

Pam Look, Treasurer

Bun Ward

Roberta Hammond

Dawn Bragg

Tony Santiago

150th celebration subcommittees (Revised 4-17-12)
The bold print indicates established committees, volunteers are still needed. Please contact any member of the steering if you would like to volunteer.


1. Finance- Tony Santiago, Peter Doak, Bun Ward, Clarence Tabbutt

Gun Raffle- Bun Ward, Dawn Bragg, Charlie Robins



2. Ball- Roberta Hammond, Helene Hammond, Sarah Holsapple, Chuck Hammond, Pam Look


3. Safety- Fire Chief, Constables, Paula Rolf W.C.S.D. notify by March 2013


4. History- Gloria Hayward (Historian), John Tibbetts, Roberta Hammond


5. Tabloid for event Schedule, site locations, map, advertising, signs, banners, media- Chuck Hammond, John Tibbetts, Grace Falzarino


6. Parking, transportation (buses, side by side ATVs), traffic-Pam Look, Bun Ward, Grace Falzarano


7. Facilities (toilets, tables, chairs, traffic cones, etc)- Bun Ward, pam Look, Clarence Tabbutt, Grace Falzarano


8. 5K Race- Mike Worcester, Rick Lamoureux, Anna Stanton, Pat & Paul Favolise


9. Parade- Bob Grant, Dave Perham


10. Car Show- Robert Groves, Dean McGray


11. Art show, paint Columbia Falls-


12. River View Walk- Chuck Hammond


13. Carnival- Bun Ward


14. Union Hall Display- John Tibbetts, Roberta Hammond, Ron Gray, Ronie Strout


15. Historic House Tours- Roberta Hammond, Robin Santiago, Nancy Herr


16. Vendors, crafts- Eric Brooks


17. Summer solstice, Street Dance- Bun Ward, Pam Look, Grace Falzarano


18. Supper at Municipal Center-


19. Fireworks- Pam Look, Grace Falzarano


20. Site locations- Robin Santiago


21. Town clean up- Joe Bragg, Grace Falzarino, Pam Look, Clarence Tabbutt, Dawn Bragg, Bun Ward


23. Town decoration- April Adams (designer), Pam Look, Grace Falzarano

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