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The Columbia Falls Record (The Record) is a free community news service. Individuals and local businesses may submit any local newsworthy item of interest for publishing consideration. Submitted articles must be in completed typewritten digital format with pictures (if desired) and emailed to The Record staff reserves the right to edit material before publication.

If you have an event that you would like listed on our Schedule of Events page please email it to in the format shown on the schedule of events page. Your event must be a public event .

The Record welcomes your feedback/comments.

Local businesses are welcome to link to The Record site and to request a free link to their own business from The Record site.


Our staff are all volunteers and all the costs associated with this website news service comes from contributions.

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Chuck Hammond
598-8274  1331 Main St, Harrington, Me 04643
 Editorial board
Dawn Bragg 483-4751    
Grace Falzarano 483-6647    
Pam Look 483-4757    

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