Out and About

April 20, 2014 
This week the Professional Driving Team of SAD #37 spent time at the local elementary schools teaching students Bus Safety and Emergency Evacuation Drills.  Students learned how to board, ride, and exit the bus safely to and from school and on field trips. They also learned how to evacuate in the event of crash or fire. Thanks to all staff members at each school for their help in encouraging the students to be quiet and respectful. All students did a wonderful job and a big thank you to them as well.
On Monday the 14th I drove the baseball and softball team to Blue Hill for their game with George Stevens. The road going in to the field was very muddy to drive on. Several vehicles were stuck and had to be pulled out after the game was over.
Tuesday evening the 15th, more than 125 Addison residents voted in Mike Murphy to fill the selectman vacancy that recently opened up for a two year term. The articles on the adgenda that evening all passed and the meeting was adjourned within less than an hour.
Wednesday evening was the eighth genealogy class at the high school, we will make up the other two weeks after vacation. Hopefully we will not have other cancelations because of a snow storm.
Folks in the area are getting their burn piles burnt before the warmer weather gets here and dries everything out. Here on the Ridge we have had two evenings of burning the brush piles with friends of the Strouts and the Pauls. A social gathering for all involved. We probably could have a few more if we get the time to clean up more of the trees that got their branches broken by the ice storm. This is a never ending project in the spring.
The annual fish fry in Columbia Falls is now over for another year, many folks turned out to it, we did not go this year to it as we had other plans that evening.
This week is school vacation for all of the little ones in the area. I heard a few teachers are heading out of town for their spring trip. I myself will be heading for Boston to visit my grandson and his family in the middle of the week and hoping that the weather will be warmer there.
This year we decided to do an Easter Brunch with our family instead of a full coarse meal. Around our table were: Michelle, David, Tiffany, Zachary, Konner, Zebadiah and Molly. In the afternoon we enjoyed lunch with Matthew, Karmen and Doris Joy on Beal’s Island and a ride through Mason Bay and then home. It was great visiting with Doris during our ride and lunch. Doris is 99 years old and doing quite well for her age.
Mark your calendar as the next public presentation of the Jonesport Historical Society will be held this Thursday, April 24, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the Sawyer Building at 21 Sawyer Square.
Sanford Kelley,  the owner of Rockdale Farms,  has been a prominent member of both the Wild Blueberry Commission and the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.
Sanford will discuss the history, harvesting and health benefits of wild blueberries, and will supplement his talk with slides and video clips. The public are welcome.
Birthday wishes go out to my daughter Diadem Washburn on April 30. - Ronie Strout

Bus evacuation drills at local schools.

Addison residents at the town meeting

Ballot clerks, John Rittenhouse, Sherry Paul, Donna Kausen

April 13, 2014 
My family and I were saddened to learn of Maynard Erwin Tucker's death this morning April 13, 2014. Carroll’s family lost the last uncle on his mother's side the Tuckers formerly of Cherryfield, Maine & Baldwinville, Mass.. Maynard Erwin Tucker son of Susie & Frank Tucker passed away at 4 a.m. at the age of 92 years old. He leaves one son Wesley Tucker of Baldwinville, Mass. Condolences can be sent to him at 43 Beech Street, Baldwinville, Ma 01436-1462.
            Get well wishes go out to Harris Tucker of Gouldsboro; hopefully he will be home from the hospital by the time this comes out in the paper.
Get well wishes also go out to Roberta Hammond of Columbia Falls.
            Prayers go out to Oscar Hall of Columbia; keep Helen in your prayers at this time of need.
            Folks in the area are hearing peepers a sure sign that spring has really arrived.
            Forty three folks turned out to the Pleasant River Historical Meeting on Friday evening April 11. Donna Kausen was the guest speaker, giving a talk on the History of the Bears’ Den in Addison. The next meeting will be on Friday, May 9 with Bob Hammond speaking on Shipbuilding on the Pleasant River at the Columbia Falls Community building in the gym.
            A neat idea I came across today, for a family reunion, wedding or any kind of a gathering take a drawing of a tree and have everyone there put their thumb print on a tree branch and under it write their name. This will be a keepsake forever and also a good genealogy resource. Plus if you use different color ink it would be very pretty. - Ronie Strout

Donna Kausen speaker at the Pleasant River Historical Society

April 5, 2014 
Eastern Star Chapter Alcyone #71, Milbridge, Maine will hold a stated meeting Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. All members are invited to attend.
Pleasant River Historical Society will hold their first meeting for the season on Friday April 11 at the Addison Town Hall at 7 p.m. (Business meeting will be at 6:30). The speaker for the evening will be Donna Kausen of Addison on the “The History of the Bears’ Den”. All Are Welcome hope to see you there.
A couple of upcoming events to be aware of: on April 15 at 6 p.m. Addison will be having a town meeting to elect a selectperson to fill the vacancy left by Brad Hamel’s resignation. Also, on April 19 from 5-7 p.m. at the Addison Town Hall the Fire Department is sponsoring a public supper.
I now hear the birds singing first thing in the mornings, so I know that spring has arrived. I have heard the Canadian geese fly over and have seen some on the marshes here in town.
Driving over the roads I find the frost heaves are getting smaller but there are still some really bad ones where I drive with my bus.  Our end of town are getting a lot of trees cut down and trimmed up alongside of the road so now the bus does not hit them as I drive along the route. Some places I have actually had to drive on the wrong side to get by them. It won’t be long before new growth will pop up and fill in the bare spots to make it look better.
Condolences go out to the family of Lewis Dorr of Milbridge; Lewis was a 1968 graduate of Narraguagus High School and one of my classmates. His family and friends will miss him.
Friday evening I traveled to Ellsworth with Priscilla Kennedy and Eleanor West to attend the Eastern Star meeting at Irene Chapter #97. On a rainy Saturday I traveled with Jolene Farnsworth and Lillian Lounder to Springvale for the Installation of Officers at Ruth Chapter #14.
Get well wishes go out to Grace Peterson, George Peterson and Paul Favolise all on the Farnsworth Road in Columbia. Hopefully Grace will be home from the hospital when this comes out.
Happy birthday wishes goes out to Barbara Farren of Addison on April 8.
I have come across an adoptive family ancestor chart for my genealogy class for anyone that may have been adopted on how to fill out their genealogy tree. I get these notices from the Family Tree Magazine that I subscribe too and file it away for future information.
By Ronie Strout

March 30, 2014  
 Pleasant River Historical Society met at Jeannette Perry’s on Monday evening the 24 with seven present; we were finalizing the upcoming meetings.  On Fri, April 11th Donna Kausen will present “The History of the Bears' Den” at the Addison Town Hall at 7pm. (Business meeting at 6:30) and then on Fri. May 9th Bob Hammond will present “Shipbuilding on the Pleasant River” at the Columbia Falls Town Hall at 7pm. (Business meeting at 6:30pm.) This is open to the public. If you would like to become a member we would love to have your help in preserving the history of the Pleasant River Area.
Another snow day canceled my genealogy class, seems it likes to snow on Wednesdays this year. Hopefully this coming week we will have decent weather.
            I have had several calls and emails on look ups on families in the area that I was able to give answers too.
I really enjoyed the 50 degree weather that we had on Saturday it did feel like spring for one day. The roads are not improving at all; here on the Ridge we have several bad frost heaves that makes you slowdown in your vehicles. The Kennedy Highway in Milbridge is very bad; you could almost lose control of your vehicle if you did not know where the bad spots are. A lot of folks are traveling over the Kansas Road to get to Milbridge.
Saturday evening Order of the Eastern Star, Alcyone Chapter #71 held their installation at the Masonic Lodge in Milbridge, Me. Installed for the insuring year were: Worthy Matron Ronie Strout, Associate Matron Charmin Davis, Associate Patron Richard Davis, Conductress Eleanor West, Associate Conductress N. Joanne Smith, Ruth Jolene Farnsworth, Esther Sharon Young, Martha Clara Driscoll, Electa Nona Cirone, Warder Priscilla Kennedy, Sentinel William Van Horn. Members that will be installed at a later date will be Worthy Patron Charles Phinney, Secretary Rebecca Atwater, Treasurer Sylvia Joy, Chaplain Madelyn Phinney, Marshal Elizabeth Monroe, and Adah Allegra Willey.
            The Installing Suite for the evening was: Past Grand Matron Jeri Holt, Past Grand Patron Dwight C. Whitney Sr., Grand Chaplain Barbara Redburn, Grand Marshal Margaret L. Dyer, Grand Organist Richard Farnsworth III, Star Point Ceremony Lillian Lounder, and Soloist Debbie Kelley.
Thirty three turned out to this open installation; those from my family and friends that attended were Michelle McLaughlin, Molly and Zebadiah Strout, Carroll Strout, Jonathan and Daniele Plummer, Sonya Grant and Lisbeth Batchelder. The evening turned out to be enjoyable.
Mark your calendar Addison is having a special town meeting on Tuesday April 15 to elect a new first selectman. I have heard there are several that are going to run for this office. Submitted by Ronie Strout

Installation of the Order of the Eastern Star, Alcyone #71, Milbridge, Me. for the ensuring year.
March 23, 2014 
I have been working on genealogy this week in my spare time as well as attending Eastern Star meetings. Thursday evening Alcyone #71 of Milbridge had their stated meeting to make up for the canceled one the week before due to the storm. I also attended the installation of Machias as well as Ellsworth’s on Saturday the 22.  
On Saturday March 29, Alcyone Chapter will hold their installation at 7:30 pm; the public is welcome to attend. This is an open installation; I will be installed as Worthy Matron for the ensuring year. This will be a big night for me.
            Get well wishes go out to Paul Favolise of Columbia, hoping he will be on the mend soon; as  well to Molly Woodsum of Addison/Winterport and that she will be back to her old self soon. I do miss chatting with her almost every day. We got word that Uncle Maynard Tucker of Mass. and formerly of Cherryfield was in the hospital hoping to hear that is is doing better.
I stopped by a couple of times for a visit with Huddy Peterson in Harrington; she also has been getting over this mess that is going around. At our house we all came down with whatever you may call it, cold, flu etc. but are on the mend.
Huddy called and told me that she was able to get out and go to Dysart’s for her birthday dinner.
Grace Peterson of Columbia enjoyed having her sons Jack, George and Charles all visiting at the same time this weekend.
Condolences go out to the family of Tim Lyons of Addison on his unexpected passing.
There were many friends and family out to the funerals of Ken Robinson and Betty Hammond this past week. They will be missed by everyone in their town of Harrington.
Prayers to the family of Lucy Harper who passed away this week after a short illness, she will be dearly missed.
The trees are being tapped in the area to make maple syrup. The weather has not been great for the sap to run; hopefully in the next few weeks the weather will change for the good.
The Town of Addison will be having a special town meeting to vote on a selectman to replace the one that resigned in a few weeks.  -Ronie Strout

March 16, 2014  

On Thursday school was canceled due to a storm and our Eastern Star meeting was canceled as well. Milbridge Alcyone Chapter #71 will hold their stated meeting this coming Thursday evening in Milbridge.

On Friday evening I and three other ladies ventured out on a cold night to the Jonesport Eastern Star meeting.

Saturday afternoon the Washington County Historical and Genealogical Society met in Machias with twelve present, Valdine Atwood, Betsy Fitzgerald,Sherry Thaxter, Celeste Sherman, Bill Plaskon, Carole and John Sprague, John and Bonnie VanDyke, Lisa Hanscon, Cathy Fonda andmyself . Before the meeting started I discussed the Worcester family and how I happened to do the two posters for the Worcester family reunion. I mostly toldhow I came down from Moses Worcester the first white child to be born at Pleasant River. A couple of folks there mentioned that they also have Worcester in their own families and needed to do some checking on it.

Get well wishes go out to Debbie Kelley and Buddy Mills, I hope they willbe on the mend soon.

Condolences go out to the families of Betty Hammond and Kenny Robinson of Harrington in their time of need.Submitted by Ronie Strout.

Ronie Strout with the Worcester Posters at the Washington County Historical and Genealogical Society.


March 9, 2014
The adult genealogy class is going well at Narraguagus High School, with everyone working on their family tree. The time goes by fast when we are finding out the history of our families.
            I have stopped by and found that Huddy Peterson is getting up and walking a few more steps each day. She is really working hard to get mobile and it won’t be long before she is out and about when the warmer weather comes.
            Friday evening Priscilla Kennedy, Eleanor West and I traveled to Ellsworth for Eastern Star meeting with Irene Chapter # 97, another lovely meeting with friends.
            On Saturday evening Carroll and I attended the public supper at the Narraguagus Snowmobile Club in Cherryfield. A very good crowd turned out this evening to enjoy the home cook meal. The next one will be March 29.
            I am gearing up for the presentation at the Washington County Historical and Genealogical Society on Saturday March 15 at 1 p.m. I will be speaking on the Worcester family of Washington County. I will have posters for showing the children of Moses 5 Worcester and his first wife and their children and who they married. The second poster will show the children of Moses 6 and Hannah (Leighton) Worcester and their children and who they married. 
Julian and Gloria Bagley from Centerville and other folks at the Narraguagus Snowmobile club supper
March 1, 2014 
Last Sunday February 23rd my son Zebadiah and his wife Molly brought me home from Boston on their way to Addison. Before leaving Boston we had lunch at the China Pearl Restaurant in Chinatown. It is always a treat to get to go here whenever I visit my daughter Diadem, Jesse and grandson Asa Washburn.  
I was sorry to hear that Mona Farren formerly of Columbia passed away on Feb. 22 at Marshall Healthcare in Machias. Sympathy is extended to her family; she will be missed in the Town of Columbia.
Sympathy is extended to Michelle McLaughlin and Matthew St. Pierre on the death of their father Wilmer St. Pierre of Florida on Feb. 27th.
On Friday four Narraguagus High School students; Travis Alley, John Batson, Bryce Vane, and Devin Schoppee and their teacher Helen Sprague attended the 39th Annual Maine Fishermen’s Forum at the Samoset in Rockland, Maine. These students are in the Eastern Maine Skippers Program that prepares students to actively contribute to the vitality of our fishing communities today and in the future. In the pamphlet that I have it says that they learn academics through fisheries activities. Narraguagus is one of the seven high schools in this program; the others are Vinalhaven, North Haven, Deer Isle-Stonington, George Stevens Academy, Ellsworth and Mount Desert.  
Many vendors were there for the Trade Show during the three day Maine Fishermen’s Forum. As their bus driver on this trip, I enjoyed meeting these folks and talking with them while the students were busy. I also listened to the talk on the Green Invasion- How European Green Crabs are eating their way through Coastal Maine.  I even got to see Gov. Paul LePage as he walked by me as I was leaving the lobby.
A belated birthday wish goes out to Arlene Guptill of the Basin Road in Addison. She turned 90 years young on March 1, 2014.

Helen Sprague, Bryce Vane, John Batson, Devin Schoppee and Travis Alley at the Fishermen’s Forum February 28, 2014.
February 21, 2014 

What a weird week for weather! While I was in Boston visiting with my daughter and her family we had rain, snow and thunder and lightning with a little bit of sun thrown into the mix. While visiting them, I along with mom Diadem and grandson Asa had a swim date at a local pool. What fun it was for the little one and us.  Another day, Asa had a play date with his Uncle Zeb, Aunt Molly and their dog Silva at the Ronan Park in Boston.  On Friday evening we all had dinner in Roslindale at Delfino, an authentic Italian Cuisine Restaurant.  
On Saturday we all went in to the City to visit the New England Aquarium where we saw lots of exhibits of harbor seals, jellie fishes, African penguins, a tropical gallery exhibit, little Blue Penguins, giant groupers, tiny seadragons, piranha, anaconda, salmon and an electric eel. We explored a sea tidepool, the Gulf of Maine exhibit and saw an octopus and sea anemones. At the very top was the Yawkey Coral ‘Reef center with batfish and garden eels as well as turtles and colorful fishes swim around the vibrant coral reef. It was a beautiful day to be out and about with many other families enjoying the Aquarium. Asa seemed to enjoy his trip with all of us and seeing the many fishes that he so likes.
While off visiting with my daughter and family I did not do too much genealogy as I was busy with the grandson. I did keep up on what news I heard from the local area and found that I missed out on all of the snow that Washington County received while I was gone; but I did hear that Robins have been sighted in the area. Sounds like Spring may be coming.
Get well wishes go out to Sharon Tibbetts of Columbia who has returned home from the hospital. Hopefully she will be up and about in the near future.   - Ronie Strout


 February 16, 2014

Many friends and family turned out for the celebration for Betty Hammond at the VFW Hall in Harrington, Maine on Sunday February 9, 2914.
Doris Joy of Addison enjoyed getting out on Sunday to celebrate her birthday dinner with her family at the Bluebird Restaurant. Doris who turned ninety-nine on the 8th had a lovely birthday.
On Sunday afternoon my son Matthew and Karmen Joy stopped by for a visit on their way home from visiting her grandmother.
Condolences go out to the family of Sandra ( Farren) Chipman on her recent passing.
Condolences go out to Sharon and Mike Woodsum of Addison on the lost of their home due to a fire.
Good luck to the Narraguagus girls this week, at the tournament in Bangor.
Don' forget the next snow mobile club supper is this Saturday in Cherryfield; they always have a good turnout for these suppers.
I made it to Boston between snow storms for a visit with the Washburn family this past weekend.. The grandson was happy to see me, he is growing so fast.
On Sunday we all went to the Brattle Theater to see the Bugs Bunny Film Festival an annual event with the Washburn family. I am sure this week will go by fast for all of us.
 February 8, 2014
            This week went fast as we had the middle part of it off due to another snow storm. Hopefully we don’t lose any more days this winter.
             The junior high basketball team of Addison played Beals boys and girls on Friday night and won both of the games. D.W. Merritt will be in the play offs this coming week.
            On Saturday I attended the Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR Hannah Weston Chapter meeting held at the Bluebird Restaurant. The guest speaker was Betsy Fitzgerald showing slides of old Machias, Maine. Others that attended were: Carole Sprague, Regent, Holly Davis, Barbara Maloy, Theresa Farnsworth, Patricia Hall, Nicolette Carter, Mary-Alice Look, Lucille LaRue, Jean Ingalls, Betsy Fitzgerald, Valdine Atwood, Debra Butler, and Roberta Hammond.
            Saturday evening we attended the Narraguagus Snowmobile Club Public Supper again. The club had a full house for supper.  Wonderful food and good conversation with all that were there. I believe the table that had the Centerville crowd and others finally figured out who I was.            
           Mark your calendar as Richard Paul, Chair of the Addison Republican Committee, has announced that the Addison Republicans will caucus on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at the Mayhew Library beginning at 6:00 p.m.
           The purpose of the caucus is to elect Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention, elect members to the Washington County Republican Committee, and organize for the upcoming elections. All Addison Republicans are urged to attend this event.
          For the first time The Columbia Falls Republicans will join the Addison Republicans for a join caucus.  This is an excellent opportunity for local Republicans to meet and speak with those who are running for office. For more information contact Richard Paul at 483-4760.

February 2, 2014
            Don’t forget this week is the beginning of the Spring Semester Enrichment classes at the High School. I have been working on my handouts for the genealogy class over the weekend and picked out the genealogy books that I will be using for the class.
            I talked with Huddy Peterson and she is getting to stand up and walk a few steps with help from Tracey and Mike Peterson. Hopefully by summer she will be up and about on her own. Huddy has a long way to go yet.
            I am still looking for photos of Civil War men/women from the Pleasant River area for the 2015 calendar. I recently was able to get a copy of Joseph Dorr Jr. from an old newspaper clipping from a local couple. I just wish more folks would share their photos so they will not get lost to future generations. I can come to your house and take a photo with my camera or even scan them onto my computer so they will not leave your house at all.
            A lot of the trees that were hitting the top of my bus here in Addison have been cut back thanks to John Rittenhouse. I still have to drive on the wrong side of the road on the Columbia end of this street in several places, but was told that the trees would be taken care of sometime in the near future. Here’s hoping.
             The buses in SAD #37 are looking good for a few days, after some of the drivers in the district washed theirs on Friday.
            Get well wishes to:  Betty Farnsworth, Obbie Davis, Ty Batson, Ronald Gray, Carroll Perry all of Addison; Betty Hammond, Martha Weaver and Huddy Peterson of Harrington; Sandy Look of Columbia Falls, Virginia Torrey of Deblois and Lucy Bagley Harper of N. H.  
            Birthday wishes go out to the following folks: Nona Cirone on the 5th, Richard Paul & Jean Richardson on the 6, Tracey Ramsay on the 7th, Virginia Tibbetts, Virginia Torrey, Doris Joy, Ronie Strout, Jack Gray and Roger Libby on the 8th, and Betty Jordan on the 9th. - Ronie Strout

January 26, 2014  
By now the local folks in SAD #37 will have gotten the Adult Education Course in the mail for the spring session. I will be doing the genealogy class starting on Wednesday Feb 5 from 6 – 8 p.m. for 10 weeks when school is in session.
If you want to research a Mayflower Line, Daughters or Sons of the American Revolution line; you have come to the right place. I have local genealogy books and lots of handouts to get you started.
Beginners and all others that have dabbled in researching your family tree are welcome. If I don’t know the answer I will find it for you. Bring your laptops if you have one, notepad and pencils. Call NHS to pre-register at 483-2746 and ask for Dawn Stubbs.
            Some little sayings to share with you: Beware of the genealogy bug – its bite can be addictive. We are all time unravelers. Don’t judge me by my relatives, I didn’t choose them and my family tree is full of nuts! Are yours?
Get well wishes go out to the following folks: Ty Batson, Ronald Gray, Obbie Davis, Carroll Perry, Martha Weaver, Huddy Peterson, Sandy Look and Lucy Bagley Harper.
Condolences go out to the family of Edna Davis of Addison and to the family of Edward Sprague of Machias.
Winter came back this past week with the cold weather.  It was nice when it was a bit warmer before this hit us. The good news is that in seven weeks it will be spring.
The electricity has been flicking and then was out for a while early Saturday morning. I did see the electric company on our road about 2 a.m. so I knew that something had to be fixed. If the trees that are still hanging on the wires were removed we might not lose our power so often.  Just a thought anyway.
Saturday evening we attended another great supper at the Snowmobile Club in Cherryfield. The raspberry pie that I had was to die for. About seventy two folks turned out for the supper with a couple from Brewer. The next one will be on February 8 so mark your calendar before you forget it.
On Sunday Tracey Peterson had a Tasteful Simple party at her home in Harrington. As usually everything was delicious. It is always a great chance to get out in the middle of the cold winter to visit with other folks.
Don’t forget to wish Grace Peterson of Columbia a happy birthday this week.

 I am looking for Civil War photos of people that served in the Civil War of the Pleasant River area (Addison, Centerville, Columbia and Columbia Falls) and their information on them for the next calendar for the Pleasant River Historical Society. 2015 is the last year of the Civil War Sesquicentennial.
I have found nineteen and have actual photos of eight of them, none in uniform but that is okay, for the rest I will try and get cemetery stones to post. The ones I have found so far are Jethro Hartford, Fonze and brothers Warren and Wentworth Leighton, Stephen Phipps, Harrrison Smith, Arthur and brothers David, Hillman, James and Joseph Tibbetts, Sidney W. Tucker, Charles S. White, Algernon, Asa, Joseph, Moses 3rd son of Moses Worcester and  Moses 3rd son of Asa  Worcester and William Bingham Worcester. I am looking for photos of their stones if you don’t have an actual picture.
Get well wishes to Obbie Davis, Ronnie Gray, and Carroll Perry of Addison, Lucy Bagley Harper of New Hampshire formerly of Columbia, Michelle McLaughlin, Martha Weaver and Huddy Peterson of Harrington.
More birthday wishes go out to Chris Gosnell on the 22 and Matthew and Mark Hurlbert on the 23 and Grace Peterson. Let’s shower Grace Peterson with birthday cards on her 95th birthday on Jan 28th.  Send to Grace Peterson, 110 Farnsworth Rd, Columbia, Me. 04623. Grace is the oldest citizen of Columbia, Maine.
On Wednesday I traveled to Calais with the Narraguagus Knights basketball team. The traveling was okay, but it was foggy in some places coming back after the game.
Friday evening I traveled to Ellsworth with Rebecca Atwater to attend Eastern Star at Irene Chapter # 97. Others from Alcyone Chapter # 71that attended were Jolene Farnsworth, Priscilla Kennedy and Grace Gerrish and from Jonesport Rumery Chapter 46 was Richard Farnsworth III.
On Sunday January 19, 2014 the Pleasant River Historical Society met at Mary and Tim Thompson home at Cape Split where we discussed the programs for the coming season. We have decided to change our meeting date to the second Friday of the month. We also decided on our 2015 calendar that will be on men in the Civil War from the Pleasant River area. Those that attended beside the Thompsons were Ronie and Carroll Strout, Jeanette Perry and Richard Paul.
Submitted by Ronie Strout
January 12, 2014                
All good things come to you even if you have to wait for them for weeks or years. This week a lady that I know handed me a notebook and said she had found it in her house. She thought it had belonged to an aunt but instead it was a note book that had my grandmother's handwriting in it. My grandmother Ronie (Leighton) Worcester had taught school in the surrounding area of Columbia, Maine. She taught in Webb District in 1897 & 1891, Branch School 1897 and 1898, Deblois 1899, Carberry School (Georgetown section of Columbia) in 1901 & 1902. There are a list of students and ages and notes when they were tardy. How neat is this? Over 100 years old! This is a really good piece of genealogy information of the people that were in the area and went to school in this time period.
            One school the Carberry School in the Georgetown District of Columbia, Me. in Sept to Nov 19‘01’ had pupils with their ages listed:
Mary Randall 13
Bessie Frye 13
Samuel Randall 10
Alberten Carter 11
Louise Robinson 7
Bruce Lawrence 6
Mable Lawrence 5
Drew Randall 6
Lindall Lawson 7
Grover Carter 10
Sylvenus Grant 7
Adfa Carter 13
Florence Carter 6
Maggie Randall 5
Irene Randall 7
Earnest Grant 4
Raymond Grant 5
Elmer Randall 16
Albert Frye 15
Eliza Nash 7
Rolland Nash 6
Walter Robinson 14
Lydia Sinclair 10
Sophia Sinclair 13
Edith Sinclair 7
            I plan on putting the rest of the schools with the names of the pupils that she taught at on my Facebook groups, Pleasant River Historical Society, Washington County, Pleasant River group and Washington County Genealogical & Historical Society group.
            On January 6 school was canceled due to another storm where the roads were slippery with some power outage in the area during the day. It really was not fit to be out on the roads that day.
            Friday evening I drove the Narraguagus Knights to Woodland where they beat Woodland in over time.
On Saturday Carroll and I had an appointment in Bangor for our car and due to the weather it took us four hours to get there. The roads in the Lucerne area was covered in ice with no one moving for well over an hour and half, then it took another hour to reach the garage on Hogan Road. The roads begin to clear up so the ride home was better.
Sunday was a great day to get out for a walk with the temperature being in the forties and to visit the neighbors in the afternoon.
Condolences go out to the family of Sue Willey of Cherryfield, she was a wonderful wife, teacher and mother and will be missed by all her friends and family.
Quite a few birthdays coming up this month to wish a happy birthday too: Tom Worcester of Columbia on the 12th, John Worcester and Arlo Worcester- 14th, Sherry Paul-16th, Tara Skeate – 19th, Tiffany Strout, Ed Gosnell, Frances Stanwood , and Lorna Greene – 18th, Carole Hart – 19th,  Arleta Grant, and Larry Shaw on the 23rd,Grace Peterson – 28th.

January 5, 2014 
    The New Year 2014 came in with an ice storm and it looks like the ice will stay on the trees for a while to come. The school students had just one day of school on the 2nd and then on Friday it was too slippery and cold to go to school. This is our second storm date for the school season. Now with the next ice storm that is coming our way we may lose our power and have to cancel school again.
            The Hydro Company really did a great job restoring our power as quickly as they could. We finally got the power lines reattached to our house along with the phone wire, now we are waiting for the electrician to come and reattached the line to the meter box.
            We are prepared here on the Ridge Road for whatever comes our way in this next storm. Hopefully the trees will survive the additional weight of ice on their branches. The scenery is beautiful but dangerous to walk near the trees that are bent over to the ground.
The deer have been out scouring under the apple trees looking for food and we saw three cross in front of us on the Old Addison Road on Sunday. Deer are seen on the West Side Road feeding, sometimes up to forty of them in one area.
My daughter Diadem and her family of Boston were here for a few days after Christmas. We had a family gathering on Saturday evening December 28 for our seafood stew that Carroll makes for this. Those that attended were: Michelle and David McLaughlin, Zachary, Tiffany and Konner Strout of Harrington and Diadem, Jesse and Asa Washburn of Boston. The next day on Sunday everyone came back for our late Christmas dinner and to open presents.My son Matthew St. Pierre and fiancée Karmen Young of Hancock stopped by in the afternoon after visiting with her grandmother Doris Joy of Addison.
            On Monday December 30 during school vacation I drove the Narraguagus Lady Knights to Washington Academy for a game.
            Our daughter Diadem and family returned to Boston on December 31 before the next storm came in. We had such fun with our grandson Asa, all he wanted to do was to play on the piano while he was here.
            Get well wishes go out to Martha Weaver and Bunnie Plummer of Harrington, Obbie Davis of Addison, Vonalee Huckins and Eddie Cirone of Milbridge, and others in the communities that I have not heard about. I have heard that the flu bug is out and about our communities. Hopefully it will pass us by; I just do not have time to have that in my house.
            On Saturday January 4 we were in Bangor for an appointment but returned in time to make the Cherryfield Snowmobile Club supper. I counted about fifty folks that ventured out in the cold to come to it. As usually it was a great supper, the food and company was great. Those homemade pies were the best. If you get the chance to go to one I recommend it highly. The next one will be at the end of the month I am not sure of the date yet.
            We stopped by Huddy Peterson for a visit on Sunday while we were out and about. She is doing well and really loves to have visitors.
December 27, 2013
            I guess most of the news this week is on the Ice Storm of 2013, everywhere I have been this week, I hear talk of power outage. On Sunday night December 22 the whole Ridge Road here in Addison lost power as well as many other roads in Addison did. The road is still undergoing changes as more tree limbs break off and land on the wires. We all talk about the outage and what happened to us during it but have you been out riding around and seen the beauty that was left behind? Now that the snow has come and covered more of the trees it really looks like a winter wonder land.
Many friends have been posting pictures on facebook of beauty in amongst the devastation of the storm. We all can find something good to come out of this storm even if it is in pictures of beautiful scenery left from the storm. Families have spent time together without the distraction of electronics in their lives.  Life does go on without electricity.
We all should send a thank you to our Hydro Company for working so hard to restore power as quickly as they can.
Condolences go out to the families of Robert Pray and James Hearn Sr. of Addison, Corinne Stanwood of Milbridge and Ruby (Grant) Rogers of Corinth.
Get well wishes to Carroll Perry, Obbie Davis, Megan Smith of Addison, and Joe Sproul of Cherryfield are just some that I know of.
Christmas Eve we were guest at the home of Parris and Sarah-Ann Hammond in Harrington.
Christmas Day was a quiet day at home for us as our children were all doing their own thing this year. We will be having our Christmas meal with the children on Sunday the 29 when they can all be here.
On Thursday we traveled to Bangor for an eye appointment for Carroll, this gave me a chance to do some needed shopping that was not Christmas related. We enjoyed a meal at the Olive Garden before we returned home.
On Friday I drove the Lady Knights to Eastport for their basketball game. The roads were clear and the scenery was beautiful with the ice and snow on the trees
I checked in with Molly Woodsum in Winterport and they are still without power and do not know when they will be getting it.  Let’s hope everyone will have their power on by the New Year.
Birthday wishes go out to my son Zachary Strout on January 6. Let’s hope it won’t be as cold as it was on the day he was born.
Happy New Year to everyone.   By Ronie Strout

December 21, 2013
The professional bus drivers of SAD 37 and Cherryfield met at Scovils Millside Dining for lunch on December 18 for a gathering to celebrate the Christmas Holiday. Those that attended were Lori & Dave Mathews, Ronie & Carroll Strout, Fred & Nancy Prince, Mike & Tracie Peterson, Darlene Stubbs, Dawn McManus and her grandchildren Emily and Landon, and Patricia Thaxter.
On the afternoon of December 18th, a retirement party was given to Mary Farnsworth at the Addison Town Hall.  Many folks came out to wish her well on her retirement and we will definitely miss seeing her at the office. Best wishes and prayers go out to her on her up coming operation.
Christmas vacation is upon us, the students will have elenven days off, they will return to school on January 2.
Birthday wishes for Stephen O. Plummer on the 24th, Michelle McLaughlin on 25th and Ruberta Plummer on the 26.
On December 19, the Harrington Elementary School had their Christmas Program with the students singing Christmas songs; we of course went to see our grandson Konner Strout and his classmates sing Mister Santa.
On Friday all the students in SAD #37 had their Christmas Party at school. Thank goodness the weather was good as in other years a snow storm canceled these parties.
Huddy Peterson of Harrington was able to get out on Thursday for her doctor appointment. She had a good checkup so she said.
I spoke with Molly Woodsum of Winterport and Addison, and found that she is improving every day from her hip operation.
Maureen Healy formerly of Columbia Falls and Narraguagus Estates has recently moved to Connecticut to be near family. I am sure all of her friends will miss seeing her.
Have a Merry Christmas - Ronie Strout

Christmas Display on the Wescogus Road in Addison

Mary Farnsworth at her retirement party

On   Saturday afternoon nineteen members of Hannah Weston DAR chapter met at Chandler River Lodge in Jonesboro for a Christmas Tea. Those that attended were: Ronie Strout, Roberta Hammond, Arlene Seavey, Valdine Atwood, Barbara Maloy, Ruth Ahrens, Carole Sprague, Theresa Farnsworth, Jean Ingalls, Holly Davis, Mary Alice Look, Celeste Sherman, Nicki Carter, Pat Hall, Lisa Hanscom, Kathleen Bragg, Pam Loughlin, Mary Vesta Scott, and Lucille LeRue. We welcomed our newest member Lucille LeRue to the Daughters of the American Revolution at the Tea.
On Thursday evening I attended Eastern Star in Milbridge and again in Jonesport on Friday evening. Not many members in both chapters were out due to the cold weather but we still enjoyed the meeting and fellowship.
Get well wishes go out to Eddie Cirone of Milbridge, Carroll Perry and Obbie Davis of Addison.
I heard that the benefit dinner for Eddie Cirone of Milbridge on Saturday had a great turn out to it. He is still in the hospital. Cards may be sent to Ed Cirone, Room 385 Kelly 3 Ward, EMMC, Banger, Me. 04401.
On Saturday evening the Addison Volunteer Fire Auxiliary sponsored their annual senior citizens banquet & Christmas party for all senior citizens of Addison and their guest. My husband and I attended along with our grandson Konner Strout of Harrington. Konner was the youngest that attended the dinner, no one was recognized as the oldest, but several folks that could come close to being the oldest of Addison that attended were Donald Grant, Lennox Ramsay and Cecil Rockwell. The meal consisted of roast turkey and ham and all the fixings as well as pie for dessert. Everything was delicious and a big thank you goes out to this wonderful organization.
Konner Strout our grandson spent an overnight at our house this weekend while his parents were Christmas shopping. We watched some Christmas programs while he was here.
The weather has gotten colder and our stoves are going full force, the wind blew hard during our snow storm this weekend but we stayed warm inside. Even our cat Jasper did not want to go outside, he is not use to snow where he came from.
Belated birthday wishes go out to my son Zebadiah Strout on December 11. Birthday wishes go out to Kevin Ramsdell and Blake Wright on December 16, Beecher Hart on December 17 and to my daughter in law Molly Strout who has a birthday on December 23. By Ronie Strout

Lucille LeRue (right) newest member to Hannah Weston Chapter DAR
Don’t forget to take your children to visit Santa’s Living Room at the Columbia Fire Department on Sunday December 15 from 2 to 5 p.m. Route 1, Columbia, Maine. A reminder if you want a picture with Santa, please bring your own camera with you.
            Get well wishes go out to Obbie Davis and Sheldon Crowley of Addison.
Condolences go out to the family of Kendrick Randall of Harrington who passed away over the weekend.
On Friday evening Priscilla Kennedy and I attended Eastern Star Irene Chapter #97 in Ellsworth along with thirty other Star members. Refreshments and a gift exchange followed the meeting.
On Sunday we took a ride up to Columbia to the Farnsworth Road to see how the house that is being rebuilt by Paul Favolise was going. It looks nice and it looks like it is about the same size as the old one that had been there.  On our way there we noticed that the old White barn in the Beech Woods has been demolished and cleaned up. This barn has been ready to fall down for over thirty five years that I know of, it was a historic landmark to me; I will miss seeing it as I ride through the Beech Woods.  We spied the weather tower that has gone up recently just before the Beech Woods on Cecil Gray’s land. Things are sure changing in the town and when you least expect it.
I was glad to see in the news that the sheriff department tracked down the person that tried to rob the Milbridge Pharmacy a few weeks ago.
On Sunday we attended the 2nd Annual Christmas Exhibit at the Cherryfield Academy Community Center, Cherryfield, Maine.  We saw many nativity scenes, lighthouses, trains, love bugs, angels, villages, logging history, bears, snowmen, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, patriotic displays and a ceiling display of visions of sugar plums. This was a wonderful way to start the Christmas spirit off with visiting this exhibit.  So much was going on this weekend that I had wanted to see and do it all, but alas it was not to happen, I could only do a few things.

 December 1, 2013
Thanksgiving is over for another year, I was invited to my niece Sarah-Ann Hammond in Harrington for dinner as my husband Carroll was at the hunting camp for the week. We celebrated our Thanksgiving dinner  on Sunday evening with our children, Michelle and David McLaughlin, Zachary, Tiffany, and Konner Strout all of Harrington, Matthew St. Pierre and Karmen Young of Hancock. Our other two other children I spoke with on Thanksgiving Day, Diadem in Boston and Zebadiah in California.
On Thanksgiving Day, Konner and his mother Tiffany Strout served desert at the St. Joseph Church in Ellsworth for the needy. Konner said he really liked doing it and wants to do it again next year. We are so proud of him and he did a real good job so I am told.
            Come and visit Santa’s Living Room at the Columbia Fire Department on Sunday December 15, 2013 from 2 to 5 p.m., Route 1, Columbia, Maine. If you want a picture with Santa, bring your own camera. For more information contact Mary Beth Ward at 483-9756
            Get well wishes to Obbie Davis and Carroll Perry both of Addison and Molly Woodsum of Addison/Winterport. Molly is now at her home recuperating in Winterport.
            Condolences to the family of Brandon Beal of Addison who passed away on December 1, 2013, his family and friends will miss him.
            I am looking for photos of Civil War men that served from the Pleasant River area to do a calendar for 2015 for the Pleasant River Historical Society. 2015 is the last year of The Civil War Sesquicentennial and it would be nice to do it on these men.  If you don't have a photo with the uniform on that is okay, I will still use the picture of them anyway. I need at least 12, if I get more than will use as many as I can. The area includes Centerville, Columbia, Columbia Falls, and Addison. If I don’t have a picture I will use cemetery stones in their place. Names/pictures of ones I already have are: Joseph Worcester, Sidney Tucker, Moses Worcester 3rd (stone only), Algernon Worcester, Asa T. Worcester, Fonze Green Hill Leighton, & Harrison Smith. I am thinking that I could use a picture and a short write up on their service on each month.  You can contact me via e-mail at roniestrout@yahoo.com or call me at 207-483-4374.


 November 22, 2013
The students on my bus got to see a cow moose in Harrington this week as well as a lot of other folks that stopped and took pictures of her. We see many deer on the West Side Rd. in Addison every day including the piebald deer. Of course the hunters do too but they are all does and with all of the ‘No Hunting” signs they are out of luck. . One day I actually had to stop and wait for the deer to cross, they looked at me as if to say they had the right of way, and of course they did.
My son Matthew St. Pierre got his deer this week, a 10 point buck, that weigh 231 lbs.
Get well wishes go out to Obbie Davis and Sheldon Crowley of Addison. They both could use some cheering up.
A benefit supper for Sheldon & Donna Crowley is being held on Thursday December 5 at the Addison Town Hall from 5 to 7 p.m. I believe it will be donations at the door.
I have been visiting Huddy Peterson a few times this week between my bus runs to cheer her up. It sure does make her happy to see me, and I do so enjoy talking with her as well.
Happy birthday wishes goes out to my son Matthew St. Pierre of Ellsworth, his birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year.
I had a nice chat with my son Zebadiah on the phone on Friday evening; he is in California and had time to give me a call. We might get to see him over the Christmas holidays if everything goes as plan.
The Chinese Auction at Harrington on Friday evening was well attended; hopefully they raised a lot of money for the eighth grade class trip.
I hope everyone will have a Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget the craft fair in Steuben on the 29th, the day after Thanksgiving.
November 18, 2013 

   I hear that some of the hunters in the area are getting their deer; so far no one in my family has gotten one as all that they have seen are a lot of does but no bucks.          
Condolence goes out to the families of Jeff Bailey of Cherryfield and Ronald Grant of North Yarmouth this week. They both are formerly of Columbia Falls.
Prayers go out to Sue Willey of Cherryfield who is very sick. There is a lot of sickness in the area; I guess it is that time of year where everyone catches whatever is going around.
            On Thursday evening eighteen Eastern Star members attended the meeting of Alcyone #71 at the Masonic Lodge in Milbridge. Six members were from Jonesport and Ellsworth. Following the meeting an ‘Apron” program was given by Grace Garrish with help from some of the members.
The Craft/Food Sale at the Columbia Falls Community building on Saturday went very well; we had a constant trickle of folks come in to do some Christmas shopping. We had a good selection of crafters there. I had to leave a bit early from the Craft Fair to attend the Washington County Historical & Genealogical Society in Machias. Betsey Fitzgerald was presented a panorama view of the 1921 Lumber Mill of Machias by Bill Plaskon of Jonesport. Bill had taken three photos and photo shopped them together.  Others that attended the meeting besides Plaskon and Fitzgerald were Valdine Atwood, Celeste Sherman, Donald Woodward, Carole and John Sprague and Ronie Strout. We are planning on July 19, 2014 a Genealogical Fair, place to be determined; other dates are March 15 at Machiasport, May 17 in Machias and November 15 at Jonesport for the regular meetings.
            On Saturday afternoon Carroll and I were among the many friends and family that helped to celebrate Peter Duston 75th birthday at the Pines in Milbridge. Peter’s wife Alice pulled this off quite well as he had no knowledge of this. Many folks shared wonderful stories on how they had met Peter and became friends. A great time was had by all.

November 9, 2013 
Columbia, Maine
Friday at the Veterans Day Ceremony held at Narraguagus High School four local veterans, JoAnne Champney and Theresa Dempsey of Columbia and Fred Crowley and Lawrence McManus of Addison were honored for their service to our country. Also recognition was given to the late Kendall Beal of Milbridge for his service. His sister Allegra Willey accepted the award for the family.
On Saturday the DAR Hannah Weston chapter of Machias met at the Blue Bird Ranch Restaurant in Machias for their monthly meeting with fifteen in attendance. Those that attended were Regent Carole Ann Sprague, Ruth Ahrens, Dot Hall, Jean Ingalls, Mary-Alice Look, Barbara Maloy, Lisa M. Hanscom, Alexandria Hanscom Willey, Celeste Sherman, Pamela Loughlin, Kathleen Bragg, Susan Dennison, Valdine Atwood, Ronie Strout, and Debra Butler.
The next monthly meeting will be held at the Chandler River Lodge for Tea at 1 p.m on December 14. Send reservations to Carole Ann Sprague as soon as possible.
The Pleasant River Historical Society have a few left of  2014 on old businesses, 2013 calendars  on school classes, 2012 on school houses and classes, and 2011 of the fire in Addison in 1938.
I and many others attended the Narraguagus Snowmobile Club’s first supper for the season on Saturday evening. As usual there was good food and lots of conversations going on with everyone catching up on the news of the area.
The Shop-A-Palooza event that the Harrington Support Group held on Sunday went very well. I was pleased to pick up a few items for myself and hope this will become an annual event for them.
Get well wishes go out to Brandon Beal and Harriet Perry of Addison.

Honored veterans: Fred Crowley, JoAnne Champney, Lawrence McManus and Theresa Dempsey
November 3, 2013
            This coming Saturday evening November 9, the Narraguagus Snowmobile Club will be hosting its first public bean supper for the season at 5:30 pm on the Ridge Rd in Cherryfield, Maine. If you have not attended one of these you are missing out on a wonderful supper.  
Here is a reminder that on Sunday November 10 there will be a Shop-A-Palooza at the Harrington Elementary School to benefit the Parents Teacher Association Group.
On Friday evening I traveled to Ellsworth with Madelyn and Charlie Phinney and Rebecca Atwood to an Eastern Star meeting with Irene Chapter # 97.
The Junior Band of Cherryfield and SAD 37 traveled to Jonesport on Saturday November 2 to participate in an all-day practice with other schools in the state and ending with a concert for the public in the late afternoon. 
By now everyone should have remembered to turn their clocks back for the winter. I wish that we didn’t have to do this, as I like the daylight in the afternoon instead of in the morning hours.
Remember that it is now hunting season and to wear your orange when you are out and about in the woods. My neighbor mentioned to me that I best be wearing an orange hat when I am out as I have white hair that shows up quite well.  
This week I was contacted by Rick Denham from Midland, Texas and formerly of Hallowell, Maine on Facebook who wanted to join our Washington County and Pleasant River Historical groups; he is the third great grandson of Eunice Joy from Addison and Seth Dyer of North Haven.  He is related to Raymond Joy’s family of Addison. Rick is the 13th descendant of pilgrim Stephen Hopkins. He says he would love to connect with ‘family’ and where he has his Mayflower line done it would be easy to do yours if you are in this same line. This is another great way through Facebook for him to connect with distant family.



Oct. 27,2013
The drivers of SAD 37 took a CPR course last week taught by Vicky Bailey of Cherryfield and will also have a First Aid class this coming week.
            The Phys Ed class has started hiking this past week at Sprague Falls one day and then on Tunk Mountain another day.  The weather has been staying good for the students to hike on the trails.
            I stopped by for a visit with Huddy Peterson one morning, to see how she was doing. Huddy loves to get visitors; it is just like Grand Central Station some days.
            Monday evening about twenty folks turned out for the last presentation for the year at the Pleasant River Historical Society held at the Addison Town Hall. Husband and wife team, Bruce Dunham and Sheila Young gave us an update of the ship Beacon Won that Dino Fonda had begun in Addison.
            We have a few more 2014 Calendars on Old Businesses in the Pleasant River area left for sale, they have sold like hotcakes. We are now thinking about 2015 and might do one on Family Reunions if I can get enough. If you have old photos taken when you got together with your extended family, I would love to get a copy with names of everyone in them. I am especially looking for ones in the late 1800’s early 1900’s of your ancestors. If you have write ups of your reunion, that would be great to go along with the pictures.
            I am also looking for information and more pictures on Schoodic in Township 18 when the boy’s camp was there. A brochure was put out back then advertising the camp, if anyone has one, I would love to borrow it to make a copy of it.
On Saturday afternoon one hundred fifty Eastern Star members attended the Maine/New Brunswick Grand Family Exchange that was hosted by Rumery Chapter #46 Jonesport at the Jonesport/Beals High School.  Congratulations to Dwayne and Kim Smith of Columbia Falls who were initiated into the Eastern Star Order this day October 26, 2013. A lovely meal was prepared by Richard Farnsworth III, of pork roast, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, applesauce and yeast rolls. For dessert we had either chocolate or vanilla pudding. The meal was excellent and very delicious.
Condolences go out to the family of Audrey Look Luce (86) who passed away on Saturday, October 12th in Winthrop, Maine. She was the youngest and the last surviving child of Lester and Lillian Look from Columbia Falls. She graduated from CFHS class of 1945. She was a resident of Readfield.  Audrey was predeceased by her husband, Rex Luce. She is survived by three children and three grandchildren.
Condolences go out to the family of Barney I. Smith Jr. of Cherryfield, he will be missed by his family.
Get well prayers go out to Kendrick Randall of Harrington and Brandon Beal of Addison.
Congratulations to my nephew Quintin and Tony Worcester of Florida on the birth of their daughter Artemis Lee Worcester that was born at 4:39 a.m. on October 25, 2013 and is 6 pounds 8 oz, and 19 inches long. Grandparents are Debra Burris of Texas and John Worcester of Florida .

-Ronie Strout
 Oct 20, 2013
Craft fairs are coming up in November, and here are two that need to be put on your calendar.
A Craft Fair/Luncheon on November 2, at the Addison Town Hall from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to benefit the Friends of the Church on the Hill.
On November 10 there will be a Shop-A-Palooza at the Harrington Elementary School to benefit the Parents Teacher Association Group.
 One stop shopping for your favorite in home parties as well as some local artists. Confirmed are The Pampered Chef, Koala-T-Creations, Thirty One, Grace Adele hand bags, Tastefully Simple, AVON, Scentsy, Celebrating HOME, Mary Kay, Origami Owl, Maine Coast Creations, Sugar Witch Cupcakes and Cooking with Sam - Tupperware, Lia Sophia, Holiday Wreaths, Open Skye Creations, How Sweet It Is and more surprises may be in store as well. Get an early start on Christmas shopping and support your community at the same time! This sounds like a wonderful idea for this group, I can hardly wait to go to it.
            Get well wishes go out to Tony Cirone, Joan Bailey and Patricia Thaxter of Columbia Falls, Harriet Perry and Carroll Perry of Addison,  Geri Moore and Verne French of Columbia and Preston Smith of Cherryfield. Prayers go out to the family of Kendall Randall of Harrington.
            On Saturday I traveled to Auburn to an Eastern Star program with Priscilla Kenney Eleanor West of Steuben, Madelyn Phinney of Milbridge, Lillian Lounder of Hancock and  Barbara Redman of Ellsworth. Others that traveled from the area were Jolene and Rick Farnsworth of Columbia Falls.
            Sunday evening we enjoyed having Peter Sawyer and Steve Morrison of Milbridge sharing a meal with us. As usual good food and great conversation was had by all.
            Our daughter Diadem and husband Jesse Washburn have returned from a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. They were at an island wedding of her best friend Kate Tierney and Kevin Lachapelle of Ellsworth/Old Town who was married on October 19, 2013. By looking at the videos and photos on her website, I can see that they had a wonderful wedding with a lot of friends and family in attendance. Congratulations to you both!
            Congratulations go out to Karmen Young and my son Matthew St. Pierre on their recent engagement. We will be looking forward to hear when they set the date.
October 13, 2013
The highlight this week was the Wreaths across America, A Day of Honor & Remembrance Concert featuring Lindsay Lawler & Chris Roberts, Ty Openshaw & Emma Gelinas, Higgins Family Band, The Frye Mountain Band, Emerald Sky and Lee Greenwood at the Balsam Valley Amphitheater in Columbia Falls, Maine.
The day began with Wreaths across America traveling to Bar Harbor and removing the lights from the Remembrance Tree there and bringing the lights to Columbia Falls. The families of fallen from Maine gathered at the Wreaths Across America Museum before traveling to the tree farm to tag balsam fir trees for deceased loved ones. The day ended with the lighting of “The Christmas Tree They Never Had”  and Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the USA followed by fireworks.
I had the pleasure of meeting up with another Facebook friend and scouter, Curt Slininger today and sitting with him while watching the concert at the Balsam Valley Amphitheater.
On Thursday I attended an Eastern Star meeting of Alcyone #71, in Milbridge with twenty members out.
Condolences go out to the families of Paula Brann of Columbia and to Patricia Farnsworth of Addison.
Condolences go out to the family of Florence (Worcester) Serpico of Saco, Maine and formerly of Columbia Falls. Florence was the only female graduate of the 1936 class of Columbia Falls High School. She was the daughter of Llewellyn and Susanna (Ingersoll) Worcester.
Congratulations to Angela and Bruce Farren of Addison on their recent wedding in Hawaii.
Our grandson Asa Washburn of Boston is visiting family in the area while his parents are on a trip.
Get well wishes goes out to Vern French of Columbia and Preston Smith of Cherryfield.  Submitted by Ronie Strout

Ty Openshaw

Lee Greenwood

October 6, 2013 
            Last month flew by quickly, and now here we are into October already. Somehow since school started I have been so busy what with driving the bus but also trying to get the garden produce caught up and canned. Tomatoes have ripened just enough to do a few jars at a time. I will have plenty of those in my larder as well as the roasted tomatoes that I did recently. My house sure does smell great when baking the roasted tomatoes with the garlic and basil on them.
            We have been gathering apples to put in the freezer for the winter. I hope to get enough to make several batches of moose mincemeat later this fall or early next year. Sometimes the surplus is just too much to do now but by putting it in the freezer it can be done later.
            The canoeing classes at Narraguagus have been having some nice weather for their outings. I enjoy taking them during the week.
Wednesday I traveled with the cross country team to Calais and had a nice visit with another bus driver that was there for the same reason. The foliage was at its height traveling 191.
On Thursday the Security folks that worked during the blueberry season for Wyman’s met for a pot luck luncheon in Cherryfield.  Dave Mathews thanked everyone for being there and being part of the security team especially during the blueberry season.
            On Friday I picked up my order of Marafax beans for the winter. We surely will not starve with all of our food put by.
            On Saturday Carroll and I traveled to Moosehead Lake to not only see the foliage but of the area. We traveled to Rockwood, stopped to take photos of Mt Kineo, and then traveled further up Route 15 to Moose River. Along the way we saw an outdoor wedding going on at Maynard’s-in-Maine in Rockwood. We found out later when we were having lunch at Black Frog Restaurant/lounge in Greenville that the youngest Maynard’s son got married.  While we were having our lunch we saw the Katahdin leaving on one of their cruises. Maybe next year we can take a cruise on the Katahdin when we again visit the area. While we were in the area we ventured to Lily Bay Park to see the sights, then on our way home we stopped in Guilford to view the covered bridge and I took some more photos of the foliage reflecting in the water.
            Another day adventure ended with a lovely meal at Steve and Jan Morrison’s in Milbridge where we had great food and entertaining conversation with Peter Sawyer, Judy Sprague, June and Harry Rolfe. Another day adventure for us is over and on Sunday it was back to working on the homestead and getting ready for a new week to begin.
            The after school program EDGE starts this week in our schools for the year.
            Don’t forget the Lee Greenwood concert on Saturday in Columbia Falls and the fireworks later in the evening. A large crowd is expected for this event.
September 28
            This week I was contacted by a lady looking for information on the St. Pierre family that were from Van Buren that I knew. She said that one of those leafs came up on her ancestry tree telling her to connect with me.  I not only had information to share with her but gave her a phone number to call to connect with this family and also gave her the family tree to go by. Small world when an unknown person contacts you via the internet and you actually know more about their families then they do.
            There is still time to register for the 6 p.m. genealogy class on Tuesdays at Narraguagus High School.
            Guest at our house Friday evening was Jan & Steve Morrison, Judy Sprague and Peter Sawyer. We enjoyed great food and conversation way into the evening.
            It is that time of year to gather the apples off the trees and peel and core them for the freezer. I will try to get enough put up to make a double batch of mincemeat in my spare time this winter.
            On Saturday September 28 Toodie and Debra Dinsmore of Milbridge renewed their wedding vows in front of family and friends at the Brown Baptist Church in Harrington. The Dinsmore’s have been married for 37 years and lives in Milbridge. A lovely reception was held at the VFW Hall in Harrington.
A thank you goes out to Tina from Wesley that stopped to help my husband change a flat tire. My husband was on his way to Bangor for a doctor appointment that morning when the tire went flat. He really appreciated the help from this young lady and he made it in time for his appointment.
            On Sunday we traveled to Camden Hills State Park and drove up the summit of Mount Bettie where we saw panoramic views of lakes, woods and of course views of Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay.  Many other folks were doing the same thing as us. We then took a scenic ride through the Town of Camden before we returned home. The foliage had not turned but as we came closer to home we could see more reds and yellows popping out. Maybe next weekend we can go on another excursion to see a different place to check out the views.  
               I do know the foliage on Stillwater in Cherryfield has been changing every week, as I take the students there to go canoeing and kayaking. While I am waiting for them I have just enough time to take a quick walk.    
This is a pretty place to get your exercise while enjoying the ever changing seasons.
Sept 22, 2013 

The High School Cross Country team traveled to Lee Academy on Tuesday. I had never been there, so it was a long trip for me. I parked right beside a cemetery so I got out and looked and low and behold I found a couple of Worsters buried in there.  I am not sure if any are related to us here in this area but I know for sure that that some left Columbia and went to that area years and years ago.
I forgot to mention that a week ago when we were in Winter Harbor that we stopped into the 5 & 10 there. If you have not been to this store, you need too. They have a selection of almost everything that you might need there. It is like stepping back in time to the old 5 & 10 stores we use to shop at.
Later that day we were watching the sunset at the Milbridge Marina and were surprise that a wedding had just happen. I took a wonderful picture of the bride from the wharf and later on found out that I knew the bride. So I want to congratulate Ashley (Lyons) and Pat Hall on their recent marriage on Saturday September 14.
I have been canning the surplus from the garden, the corn has come on, and what with me freezing, canning and making corn relish I am up to my ears with it.
The cucumbers finally started to produce a little bit at a time and my pickles for the winter have all been put in the cellar on the shelves to eat when the cold wind blows.
Tomatoes are ripening a little at a time, but that is okay as I have been making stew tomatoes and salsa with the extra. The beans, broccoli and cauliflower have all been processed to be eaten later. I hear that everyone else with their gardens have been doing the same thing that I do. At least canning has not become a lost art yet.
Condolences go out to the families of Sheila Batson and Alice Worcester. Our prayers are with these families.
Birthday wishes go out to my husband Carroll V. Strout on September 29th.
Mark your calendar for on September 29, Sunday the Pleasant River Fish & Game Conservation Association will be having their Youth Field Day from 9 am to 2 pm at their club house in Columbia with lots of activities for the youth.
On Saturday September 21, 2013 I attended the Maine Genealogical Society’s Annual Family History Conference at Jeff’s Catering in Brewer, Maine along with 125 other members.
The featured speaker was Laura Prescott speaking on How the Internet Makes Us Sloppy Genealogists, Placing Your Heritage in Historical Perspective, Finding Your Military Ancestors on Fold3, and Treasures Within the Ivory Tower: Finding Family in Academic Archives. Other speakers were Pamela Eagleson, CG speaking on Divorce Records in Genealogical Research and Judy Reitz spoke on Improving Your Use of FamilySearch.
Vendors and exhibitors were on hand and we were able to purchase many genealogy material and books from them at a reduce cost. One vendor Ruth Monsell, Fine Art Portraiture of Damariscotta, Maine did silhouettes during the day, which was interesting to see.
During the conference I spoke with fellow members from Auburn, Belfast, Presque Isle, Caribou, Ellsworth, Bangor and Brewer. One lady was even from the State of Washington that attended the conference. I even won a door prize for a year membership to the Maine Genealogical Society.
On Sunday Carroll and I traveled to Unity to the Common Ground Fair. While there we were able to visit with our grandson Asa Washburn who was there with his parents volunteering at the Fair. The day started out with rain showers, heavy at times but then cleared off as the day went on. Not as many folks were out on Sunday at the fair probably do to the weather but a nice crowd anyway to get around with.

September 15th
The Columbia Market is now open for business again.  We now have a choice as to where we want to shop.
This week has been a busy week with me attending three Eastern Star stated meetings. On Tuesday, September 11, Priscilla Kennedy, Madelyn Phinney, and I attended Machias Eastern Star stated meeting at the Masonic Hall.  On Thursday September 11, we attended our own Eastern Star, Alcyone Chapter #71 stated meeting in Milbridge with 28 members present.  Those also included members from Irene Chapter #97, Rumery Chapter #46, and Riverside Chapter #123.  We enjoyed an Estarl supper before the meeting. Then on Friday evening, I attended the Eastern Star meeting at the Jonesport Masonic Hall.
Carroll and I attended the 15 Annual MDI Garlic Festival in Southwest Harbor for the first time. We listened to the Chris Humphrey Big Band performing classic big band Jazz, featuring tunes from Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Buddy Rich and Frank Sinatra.  While we were there, we visited with some relatives who own the Smuggler’s Den Campground where the festival was held.
Huddy Peterson of Harrington is now home from the nursing home.  I stopped by on Sunday for a short visit with her.
On Sunday, 10 motorcycles met at Bayside Store in Milbridge for the Buster the School Bus robotic fundraiser.  The bus drivers, Clara Ann Freeman, Lori Mathews and Ronie Strout, send their thanks for their participation towards our fundraiser.

Asa Washburn at the Common Ground Fair 

Bikers for the Buster the School Bus fundraiser.

September 9th, 2013
On Saturday while I was in Ellsworth I visited with Huddy Peterson at the nursing home, she is hoping that she will be coming home soon. Huddy is now sporting a new hairdo and looking good, courtesy of Guy Ortega.
Don’t forget the Motorcycle Benefit Ride for Buster the Bus on Sunday September 15 at Bayside Shop N Save Supermarket parking lot in Milbridge. We are raising money to buy one for the district to teach students about safety on the bus. The ride will be from Milbridge to Lubec and back. Hope to see lots of folks out to support this worthy cause.
Tiffany and Konner Strout and Jill Hurlbert and children all of Harrington were just a few that  attended the pirate’s festival Saturday in Eastport.
On Sunday afternoon I had a nice chat with Eleanor Galen of Wesley, we got caught up on the local news in the area. Later in the day we had a nice visit from Judy Sprague of Texas and Peter Sawyer of Milbridge.
I heard that the Columbia Market will be open for business at the end of this week. The place is looking good with all of the work done on it.
To all Eastern Star members of the area, there will be a Stated Meeting on Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge in Milbridge. Before the meeting there will be an Estarl Supper at 6:30. All members are welcome. Price $3.00.
Get well wishes still go out to Gail Tibbetts of Columbia, she says she is improving little by little also to Huddy Peterson of Harrington who is improving everyday.
 On Tuesday I attended the I-Pad workshop that was held in Milbridge for the staff of SAD 37, and the EDGE Training workshop on Wednesday for all bus drivers. Dave Mathews, Darlene Stubbs, Fred Crowley, Dawn Coffin, Vicki Bailey and I did the swing course. This means that we got hooked up and then pulled up amongst the trees where we pulled the ring and was then left to swing through the trees like Tarzan and Jane. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at the EDGE Building in Cherryfield. If you get the chance check out the EDGE Sea Coast Facebook page to see more photos of the drivers as well as what they are up to in the schools.
I am starting a list of craft fairs that are coming up this fall to mark my calendar; hopefully I get the chance to attend a few.  My calendar is filling up quickly for every weekend with something that I think I need to attend.
This just in for news: Harrington 8th Grade is selling Fall Mums to raise money for their 8th grade class trip. They are $6.25 each or 2 for $12. All Harrington Elementary kids are selling them so you have plenty of opportunities to purchase some and decorate for fall. Let the school know if you would like any by Thursday 9-12-2013 as the orders are due on 9-13-2013. I bought four last year and they were beautiful to decorate my deck. Submitted by Ronie Strout.

Konner Strout at the pirate festival in Eastport

EDGE Workshop with bus drivers: …
 Back Row: Fred Prince, Lori-Ann Mathews, Al Moore, Mary Moore, Ronie Strout, Darlene Stubbs, Dawn Coffin, Vicki Bailey,  Front Row:  Fred Crowley, Nancy Prince, Dave Mathews, and Pat Thaxter.
August 28, 2013
This week I have been helping Andrea Hartford on her family tree. Two weeks ago when I got the information about Josh Henry Caler of Centerville I had thought I need to get in touch with Andrea and find out if this were her side of the family. I Goggle the name and found out yes indeed it was her family. Since then Andrea has been bitten by the genealogy bug as she has been doing her own search on the computer. She has found a few more generations of Calers and found that they came from Germany and settled in Waldoboro.  I am pleased that I was some help to her.
I am sorry to hear that Doris Joy of Addison fell on Wednesday and broke her leg. She is in the hospital in Ellsworth, I am sure she would appreciate some cards.
John Farnsworth scared his family this week, but he is now home from the hospital and is doing better.
Gale Tibbetts of the Valley Rd, Columbia has been in and out of the hospital this past week, she is home and trying to get better. I am sure she could use some get well wishes sent her way.
Condolences go out to the family of Priscilla Worcester of Columbia; she passed away on Tuesday August 27 at the home of her daughter Jennie Davis of Harrington.
The soccer games for the little folks in the area have ended for the season, my grandson Konner Strout and all the rest of the players were pleased to receive a trophy for their participation.
Courtney Bagley and her grandmother Arleta Grant of Addison spent a few days camping in Ellsworth a week ago.
This week in between the doctor appointments and working in the garden and preserving food for the winter, Carroll and I took a mini vacation day on Wednesday and rode to MDI. We stopped in Southwest Harbor to see Lee Worcester and his daughter Rain at Smuggler's Den Campground. After we left there we drove around the Seawall, Bass Harbor, Tremont, Pretty Marsh and then onto Jordon Pond where we enjoyed lunch. After our lunch we headed up Cadillac Mountain. The fog was covering the Porcupine Islands, so you couldn’t see too far in the distance. There were quite a few folks from all over the states visiting the mountain this day.
We traveled through the streets of Bar Harbor to view the area and then headed back home with a stop at Jordan’s for an ice cream to finish our day out with.
On Thursday we traveled to Eastport for another day of adventure and checked out the Chowder House for lunch before we returned home. Summer is over and next week we will be starting back on our jobs of transporting students to and from school.
This is the time of year that folks need to watch out for the students waiting alongside the road for the buses. Our schools in SAD #37 will open on September 5th.

Konner Strout, with his soccer trophy

August 23, 2013
Another visitor arrived on my door step looking for information on the Tibbetts line on Thursday, Emily (Tibbetts) Nadeau of Minot, Maine and her husband Richard had been in the area researching and visiting cemeteries. I was able to give her some information on her family and also showed her some photos that I am having made up for her.
My grandson Konner has again been visiting me this week, we had a couple of games of monopoly and he actually beat me.
I have been doing a little canning this week whenever I get something from my garden. My cucumbers are starting to produce so I hopefully will soon be putting up some pickles.
Our grandson Asa Washburn and his mother visited the family over the weekend. It is always nice to see this little one as he is growing up so fast.
The next public presentation of the Pleasant River Historical Society will be held on the third Monday in September 16 at 7 PM in the Addison Town Hall.  Kevin Johnson, curator and photo archivist at the Penobscot Marine Museum will be the guest speaker.
Kevin will talk about “The Stories Behind the Glass Plate Negatives” the collection of 50,000 photographs of nearly every New England town taken by the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company from 1909 through the 1950s. He will also show the many photos taken of Addison and explain the stories behind them. A display will be at the Addison Town Hall during the month of September. Light refreshments will be served and all are welcome.
Get well to Gayle Tibbetts of the Valley Road in Columbia; she has been in the hospital in Ellsworth this past week.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Wesley Keeton of East Machias and to the family of Michael Allen of Harrington.


August 17, 2013 
 If you had ridden by the Paul’s resident on the Ridge Road in Addison on Sunday and wondered what was going on, their oldest son Sterling was celebrating his 40th birthday with friends and family during the day. You could not ask for a better day to be outside with great company.
Condolences go out to the family of Brian Pott’s of Columbia Falls on the death of his mother Nancy recently also to James Leighton and Dick Morang families of their passing.
I just heard that Priscilla Worcester of Columbia has returned to her daughter’s home in Harrington. Aunt Priscilla has been in the nursing home in Jonesport for a while.
Get well wishes to Grace Peterson of Columbia, she had a trip to the hospital a few days ago, but is now home.
In talking with Huddy Peterson she told me that she enjoys her many visitors that have stopped by to see her.
I was lucky to get a chance to pick some blueberries to put in my freezer for the coming winter this week.
On Tuesday Paulette Veit and I visited the Jonesport Historical Society to look at the traveling postcards of Washington County that are on display. This coming Thursday evening August 22 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM there will be a public presentation of the Jonesport Historical Society in the Sawyer Building at 21 Sawyer Square.
 “The Stories Behind the Glass Plate Negatives” will be presented by Kevin Johnson, curator and photo archivist at the Penobscot Marine Museum. Kevin will talk about the collection of 50,000 photographs of nearly every New England town taken by the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company from 1909 through the 1950s. He will also show the many photos taken of Jonesport and Beals, and explain the stories behind them.   This is open to the public, light refreshments will be served after the meeting.
This week I had a conversation on Face Book from one on my son’s friends James Cook that went to school at Maine Maritime Academy with him. It seems that he was discussing how he had enjoyed visiting with the Strout family on weekends in down east Maine while going to the academy. His chief engineer mentioned that he had relatives in down east Maine and that they were Worcester’s. James then asked him if he knew us, which he replied that he did and what a small world it was that they both knew us.
This past week Homer Morrison of Washington State sent me some interesting information on John Puffer of Columbia and Henry Caler of Centerville that will fit with more  of Columbia Falls Bicentennial history of the War of 1812 POWs.
            Homer thought that it would be of some interest to my readers of the experiences of Washington County residents John Puffer and Henry Caler (full name, Jost Henry Caler) of their war experiences as prisoners of war.
            Homer writes that John Puffer (1793-1877) was born in Canton, Massachusetts and Henry Caler (1777-1867) in Waldoboro, Maine. Both were captured at sea by the British during the War of 1812, John in July, 1813, and Henry in June, 1814. John, a privateersman, was captured while a prize crew member aboard a captured British packet ship. Henry, along with a brother, a cousin and one other, was taken from a Waldoboro fishing sloop which the British then burned.
Both were initially held on Melville Island in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and later in Dartmoor Prison, Devonshire, England. John and Henry were at Melville Island at different times, but their periods of confinement in the notorious Dartmoor overlapped by approximately eight months.
Both settled in Washington County about ten years after the war, John Puffer in Columbia and Henry Caler in Centerville. They arrived in the same year, 1826, and lived and died in the towns where they settled. It is not known if they knew each other while in large, overcrowded Dartmoor, but they must have been acquainted later while living just a few miles apart in sparsely settled Washington County.
At the ends of their long lives, brief notices of their deaths appeared in the Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, each with mention of their Dartmoor imprisonment. Tibbetts and Lamson’s Early Pleasant River Families of Washington County, Maine also makes mention of this in John Puffer’s case - but does not for Henry Caler.
From his (Homer Morrison) personal knowledge, John Puffer’s grave in Columbia is well marked with an inscribed stone and is decorated on patriotic holidays, appropriate recognition for an American prisoner of war. 
Homer does not know whether Henry Caler's grave receives the same recognition, or even if its location is now known. Early Pleasant River Families, p. 68, reports an inscribed gravestone. However, a Find A Grave search locates only the grave of his wife, Dorcas (Barton) Caler d. May 30, 1854, in the Richard A. Caler family cemetery, Centerville - and provides no information on Henry's grave. Perhaps a descendant or some other interested party would have information on the burial location, or want to investigate and let us know if they have any more information on Henry’s grave. Contact me at 483-4374 or email me at roniestrout@yahoo.com
Ronie Strout in Alaska
On July 17, 2013 we cleaned the cabin and then went up to the big house to get on the internet while we could. In the afternoon we went into Haines with Kathy as Maureen wanted to buy some wooden bowls that came from wood off her daughter and son in laws property.  John Norton originally from New York had some wonderful bowls at his place and we got the tour of his homestead. We enjoyed seeing how he made his bowls from start to finish. Mr. Norton had many on display for sale.
 We have enjoyed warm weather with only a few rain showers while here in Alaska. The temperature has been in the high 60’s to 70’s.
            We left the cabin Thursday, July 18, from Mile 26 early in the morning to check in at the ferry at 8:30 a.m. to return to Juneau.  We were going on the M/V Matanuska, just another smaller version of a cruise ship on our return trip.  We ate our lunch on board, and I checked out the gift shop that was there. We looked for whales but did not see any but I did see one porpoise after we left Haines in front of the ferry. We finally arrived in Juneau and back to the house  by 4:30 in the afternoon. 
Later on in the evening I called Chris Hicks who lives in Juneau, formerly of Addison and spoke with him. He was busy with some paper work for his job but took the time to chat with me. I also called home and spoke with family and friends that same evening.  
On Friday, July 19 we all went into town to do more shopping at the thrift shops as Kathy said that sometimes you really can find a good bargain. Afterwards Kathy left us down by where the cruise ships come in and we checked out all of the stores that cater to the ships. We then came home to a nice chicken soup that Maureen had started in the morning. 
In the evening Kathy’s friend Mark Insteness of Sitka, Alaska stopped by to wish us well on our trip home. He was heading out on Saturday morning to go to Sitka where he will be teaching this coming school season. 
Saturday, July 20th came and we went again into town to go to some shops and then checked out Kathy’s school that she teachers at. This school was built in 2005 and has over 700 students in Grades 9-12, afterwards we came home and fixed supper. The temperature in Juneau has been around 58 degrees since we arrived here with a few sprinkles here and there.
We found this morning that a bear had checked out Kathy’s car, it left muddy paw prints all over the car. Thank goodness there was no food or snacks left inside or the bear would have probably torn the car up. 
In Kathy’s yard, there are a lot of salmon berries, they taste almost like raspberries but larger. Kathy is planning on picking them to make jam or jelly if the bears don’t get to them first. 
While visiting Haines and talking with Chuck Carl, Kathy’s husband, we figured out that we were related. He is only my tenth cousin twice removed to me. That’s a fact!
 On my vacation I have met folks that had come back from spending a month in Europe searching their ancestors. It seems genealogy is a fascinating subject to the older generation and there are a lot of folks out there that are enjoying finding out where they came from. More and more folks are contacting me to help them in their research of the Pleasant River area even on my vacation.
On Sunday July 21 we caught the Plane for Settle, Washington and had a lay over till 11 o’clock to get the plane to Boston. While we waited we had a nice meal in the airport, salmon and chips that was from Anthony’s Restaurant. We arrived in Boston July 22 at 7:30 a.m. and I was at my daughter’s home by 8:30 giving my grandson some hugs and kisses.
I traveled to home via bus on Thursday after spending three days with my daughter’s family. My vacation was now over and all that I have are the many pictures and memories that were made on my trip. The End


Buildings used in the White Fang Movie, Dalton City

Hammer Museum

View from top of the Gardens looking down towards Juneau Airport

Glacier Garden

Mendenhall Glacier

Maureen Healy, Mark Insteness, Ronie Strout

Kathy Carl, John Norton, Ronie Strout
Ronie Strout in Alaska 

Friday, July 12, 2013
Today we decided to take a ride, 136 miles to Haines Junction in the Yukon Territory where we traveled through British Columbia and into Yukon Territory. The mountains were majestic to see and we stopped at several places to take photos of the scenery. We saw two bears on our trip to Haines Junction and after having lunch at K.P.I Restaurant we visited the Visitor Center where there were many items of the area on display. On this trip we did not see much traffic, I think we met three vehicles on our way to the Junction and on the way back we might of seen five more traveling the road we were on.
Saturday July 13, 2013
Today Maureen and I went into Haines so that Maureen could see more of the area and shop at a few stores. We stopped at first at the Fair Grounds and saw the buildings that were part of the props for the White Fang movie. The first shop held a yarn store that was a lady from Appleton, Maine and that now lived in Haines. After chatting with her I ventured to the Farmers Market where I chatted with two other ladies that were from Maine as well. One lady had gone to the College of Atlantic in Bar Harbor and met her future husband there that was from Haines. The other one was from southern Maine. It is a small world to meet up with more Maine folks on my travels.
On Sunday, July 14, was a catch up day for us, relaxing in the cabin.  
Monday, July 15, we drove to Mosquito Lake to check out the area. We saw a lot of homes that were are up for sale as well as a lot of new buildings being built. The lake area was beautiful and we were glad to find it. Afterwards we drove to a unique rundown building alongside the road with the sign Honeymoon Cabin on it to take photos of it.  Just a little ways from there we saw the phone booth that was fixed up as a joke saying this was the Last Stop to call from and took more photos. A phone booth with superman inside, different phones placed on the tree outside, I am told this is a place where a lot of tourist stops just for the pictures.
Tuesday, July 16, 2013
We left about 7:45 a.m. from the cabin and caught the Fast Ferry at 9 am to go to Skagway. We arrived in Skagway about 10:45 and walked into town with the rest of the tourist. We played tourist and checked out the museums, visitor center, and the tourist trap shops.  We took lots of pictures of the quaint town. We walked as far as 7th avenue checking out the sights before our train trip to the summit. On the train we saw lots of wilderness, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and the scenery was breath taking. We went over several bridges and thru two tunnels in the mountain and into Canada to get to White Pass Summit.  At the top of the summit we changed sides so that the ones that were on the right side changed over to the left side to be able to see the sights going back down. Of course I stayed outside most of the way up so to get pictures of everything. Going down I sat and viewed through the window by my seat. When we arrived back at the station, we had about an hour and half to get something to eat and check out a few of the shops to see if we had to have something from them before returning via ferry to Haines.
During the day we talked with folks from Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, Washington and Mexico that were either on the cruise ships or traveling with their camper. A lot of the shop workers were actually from other states, as they come to Skagway/Haines to work during the summer months. One young fellow said he works here for six months out of the year, then goes back home and picks up another job for six months. 
When we arrived in Skagway, there were four cruise ships and lots of folks in the town. We were told there probably were at least 15,000 people in this small town with us. The shop owners said when all the ships leave, the town shuts down till the next one arrive.
The ferry ride was awesome going inside the passage to Skagway where we saw hump back whales going to and from Haines and more water falls. We also saw the area where the town of Dyea was in the early 1800‘s which is no longer in existence there now. The weather for the day was perfect and we returned to mile 26 to our little cabin tired but happy that we had such a  good day. 
 As I checked my notes I realized I had forgotten to mention that on the first day of touring Juneau we also went to the Last Chance Mining Museum and Historical Park. This Last Chance Mining Museum is the only historic mining building open to the public from Juneau's Gold Rush era.  The Museum  has the world's largest Ingersoll-Rand air compressor, historic mining tools and equipment, minerals display,and the three dimensional "Glass Map".
When we arrived at the Park we walked up the mountain to the museum and on our way we saw folks panning for gold in the river bed as we crossed over a walking bridge.  While walking through the museum I spoke with a couple of folks, and found out that they were from Portland, Maine. The young fellow was in the Coast Guard in Alaska and had invited his grandfather to come for a visit while he was there. We saw so much in a day, almost every day  while there.

 On July 9th. Tuesday, Maureen and I traveled to Haines with her daughter Kathy Carl on the M/V Malaspina Ferry. Haines lies halfway down the east side of the long, narrow Chilkat Peninsula. It says in my guide book that it offers the best of small-town America life, it’s encircled by glaciated mountain peaks, forested hills, and pristine waters. Here in Haines is the historical home of the Chilkat Tlingit, whose name for the area was Dei Shu (“End of the Trail”) this was the sight of of a summer fish camp. Klukwan Tlingit were keepers of important trade routes to the Canadian interior and as far south as Oregon.
We are staying at the K. J. Tucker’s Farm, B & B at 26 Mile Haines Highway. Everyone here in Haines uses the mile post as their directions to where they live.
Wednesday, July 10
Today we went into the town of Haines where I was dropped off to wander by myself as Maureen needed to see a doctor there. She had a sinus infection that needed attended too. 
My first stop was at the American Bald Eagle Museum where I saw lots of local wildlife on display such as:eagles, hawks, ravens, moose, black tail deer, birds of the area, wolf eel, bears and other local animals. I then went to the Sheldon Museum where a collection of items showing the culture of the Chilkat Valley were on display.  From here I walked to the shops on Main Street do do some window shopping and came upon the Hammer Museum where over 1600 hammers are on display; who would of thought that there were so many different kinds of hammers and would make a museum out of them. The library was next on my list where I could post on Facebook what I had been doing; I also was able to use the cell phone and call home to connect with my family. 
Thursday, July 11
I again went into Haines by myself as Maureen was still under the weather and chose to rest up back at the cabin.  On my way in I stopped at several turn outs on the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve to take pictures of bald eagles that I saw along the river. Once I got into town I took a history walking tour of Fort William H Seward. Here a brochure told me that during World Wars I and II the Fort was a training base for Alaska recruits and during the Second World War it was a rest and recreation center for troops who served in the North Pacific Theater. At the end of the war in 1940 it was declared surplus property and was decommissioned.This hurt the economy in Haines after catering to the Army for 42 years. I took a ride out of town and saw a couple of glaciers from the road going to the state park.  Before I returned to the cabin I had lunch at a health food store and then I went to the library and made my calls home. The weather here has been around 65, sunny and breezy, really nice weather for my vacation.

 Adventure of Ronie Strout in Alaska

Alaska News Trip
On July 4th Maureen Healy of Cherryfield and I traveled by bus to Boston where we stayed with my daughter and her family overnight. We arrived at the Logan Airport very early on July 5 to fly to Seattle, Washington on our way to Juneau, Alaska. On our plane trip to Seattle, we sat next to a gentleman who told us he and his wife were both teachers and had just returned from France on a month long vacation. They were on their way home to California. On our next leg of our journey we talked with a man who was a cinema photographer from Mass. He was headed inland in Alaska for a five week fishing trip while his wife was heading to Bar Harbor for her vacation. On this trip there were quite a few that were going fishing in Alaska.
On July 6th we went into Juneau and first checked out some of the tourist traps, the stores with all of the t-shirts and things to buy while we waited for our trip on the Tram to the mountain to see the view and what a view that was. We could see the three cruise ships that had come in and all of the people that were going on the tours to see the area. One couple on the Tram that I spoke with was from Wisconsin and they told me they were having a great time and  their next stop was another port in Alaska.
Once we arrived at the spot where we could get off the Tram,  Maureen, Kathy and I and our guide Mark  walked the Alpine Loop Trail which was .5 mile.
 Mark told us in the early 1900’s all of the mountain had been cut off and this was the new growth of trees. A lot of the trees had weird shapes as they looped around and up and over others. On some of the trees you might find carvings that was done many years ago by the natives. I did fine one at the beginning that I took a picture of. Mark told me that this was a mining town  in the 1800‘s and there were places now closed off of the openings to the mine.   From there we ventured down the mountain and  to the Hanger Restaurant for our lunch where I had tacos, one of salmon, cod and halibut which was a good  way to taste all of the fish in one meal.  Here we could see Mount Jumbo and Mount Roberts and a bird’s eye view of the mouth of the Taku River and the cruise ships that were docked there.   The seaplane hangar is a landmark in aviation history we were told. Famous pilots such as will Rogers used to land their aircraft in front of the Hangar during their great northern expeditions. The museum has enlarged historic photos on the walls at the restaurant. 
After our meal we venture to the Red Dog Tavern to enjoy a drink and listen to the entertainment. Here we could see many things of the area posted on the walls and ceilings. One item was the pistol that Wyatt Earp, the notorious gunfighter, left behind by accident as his ship S.S. Senator was leaving before he was done having his drink. The story goes that he just made the ship by jumping onto it as it was pulling out of the dock heading for Nome. 
On July 7th, Sunday, we went to check out the ski resort Eaglecrest in Juneau, a small ski slope maybe about like Hermon Mountain, Maine, where we could of done the zip line. We decided this was not a good day to do that so we headed over to see the Mendenhall Glacier and was able to take some nice pictures of it. There were some ice bergs broken off of it in the water.  To the left of the glacier was a nice size water fall coming down the mountain.  I went down and put my hand in the water, it didn't feel to cold to me, it was not as cold as the ocean in Addison. but then again I did not get into it to swim. I think they frown on that. We hit the grocery store, a couple of thrift shops, couple of stores at their malls as Maureen was looking for something, then we went to Cosco to do some grocery shopping. One shop  we went into I found a good deal on a small backpack that I wanted as it was  smaller than the one I traveled with. More of a pocket book and it was all leather. Kathy said it was a good deal as it would of been quite expensive to buy outright I guess. After we had our meal I decided to go and sit on the deck to enjoy the weather as the sun was out. Here I heard the birds, squirrels and planes flying overhead. .A short hair pointer came up the driveway and checked me out. The dog probably belonged to the people next door as they were out and about, they must of had a outdoor fire going as I could see the smoke through the trees. No bugs here so far. but I understand there will be some in Haines. Maureen is really tired she is not yet on Alaskan time. I just keep going and going. Not sure what the temp. is here now it was about 63 when we were in town. Just the right kind of weather to enjoy. I pity the ones that have been getting the higher temperatures in Maine and Boston. LOL....Wish you all were here but can't say I am sorry your not! LOL....Yes the good life is setting here at 5 PM and soaking up the Alaskan sun. Awesome, who would of thought I would ever come here. Now I wonder where the next adventure will take me. Catch you all on FACEBOOK. 
On Monday July 8, we first went on a tour at the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery where we saw lots of salmon in the channel then we went to the Glacier Gardens and had a guided tour of an Alaskan botanical garden, where we saw trees that were turned upside down and planted with flowers on top of the roots.  After leaving here we went again to the Mendenhall Glacier and as we had been there the previous day we went inside the visitor center and watched the movie that showed all about the glacier. 
Tuesday July 9 we will travel by ferry to Haines, I am told that it will take about four and half hours on the ferry to get there. We will leave about 6 a.m. Hopefully the sun will shine for us, if not it will be another adventure for us. 

July 3, 2013 
I just got in some breaking news that the-Down East Country Fest is coming to the Pines Events Center in Milbridge, Maine on Saturday, July 20th 2013. 
Artists include country music star and Render Records artist Lisa Torres.  Torres has had a very successful career and brings an impressive resume to Down East Country Fest. She has performed with many of the top country acts in the world, including backing vocals on Jason Aldean’s “My Kind Of Party”.  Along with Torres, Boston-based Miller’s English will be appearing at Down East Country Fest, as well as local favorites The Stillwaters Band and Milbridge’s own Tyler Openshaw. More artists are expected to be added to the line-up according to Caleb Paul. 
Caleb Paul formerly of Addison, founder and promoter of Down East Country Fest, explains, “It is rare that Down East Maine has the opportunity to host such talented musicians.  We believe this will be the most talented line-up from beginning to end in the four-year history of Down East Country Fest.”
Now in its fourth year, Down East Country Fest, sponsored in part by Machias Savings Bank, is an annual music event in Washington County, Maine.  It features a variety of music, including country, blues, bluegrass, and Americana.  Past performers have included Nashville recording artists Michael Peterson, Maine-native Johnny Hiland, Jason Sturgeon, and Andy Griggs.
More information is available at www.downeastcountryfest.com  or contact: Caleb Paul at Phone: (207) 615-4140. This should be a great time in the community. 
William Wallace Tabbot and his family came from Spartanburg, South Carolina for a few days to do some research on his ancestors the Tabbot family of Addison,. While here his family stayed at the Austin/Plummer Home in Addison. I met up with him and his family during the weekend and spent an enjoyable evening with him, his father Milton Tabbot, his wife Vicky, son William Jr., daughters Morgan and Caitlin on Sunday evening June 30th.William is another one of my Facebook friends doing genealogy in the area.
            William Wallace Tabbot and his family came from Spartanburg, South Carolina for a few days to do some research on his ancestors the Tabbot family of Addison. While here his family stayed at the Austin/Plummer Home in Addison. I met up with him and his family during the weekend and spent an enjoyable evening with him, his father Milton Tabbot, his wife Vicky, son William Jr., daughters Morgan and Caitlin on Sunday evening June 30th.William is another one of my Facebook friends doing genealogy in the area.
            I forgot to mention that at the 150 Celebration in Columbia Falls last week that a Signature Quilt made by the Pleasant River Grange #433, March 1906 was on display. The names on the quilt were of folks from this Pleasant River area. Another thing that I forgot was that Wilbur ‘Junior’ Grant of Columbia Falls was recognized as the oldest citizen of the town.
            While we were in Ellsworth we stopped by to visit with Huddy Peterson. She told me she loves to get cards and have visitors stop by.
Tuesday evening I had a phone call from Fred Nash of Wisconsin who is in the area researching his Nash line. I was able to tell him where to find some of this information at the Mayhew Library and what books that could help him. I told him that a map was in the library that shows the lots of where the Nash families lived on the Ridge Road. Hopefully this will help him find what he wants.


On Friday evening June 28 at the Union Hall, Columbia Falls, Maine Charles Plummer impersonating Civil War General Joshua Chamberlain and talking about the Civil War Volunteers from the towns of Columbia and Columbia was well attended. Carroll and I both enjoyed it his talk very much.
Even though Saturday was a damp and rainy day, the 150th celebration carried on their celebration all day and into the evening. What a great time it was, starting with the foot race and then the parade in the morning. As I was part of the DAR float I did not get to see what was in front of us to take photos of. I did take photos of the folks that lined the street which was a different perspective for me. Children of the area was surprised to see me on a float and called out to me as we went by. The DAR members were all dressed in their period clothing for the parade. I was the only one that stayed in period clothing all day. I got a taste of how the ladies had to dress in that area and at that early time of life. I wish there was a way one could go back in time and live for a day or a week to see how folks survived and they did or we would not be here today.  
At the Union Hall a collection of historical items were on display. Richard Grant had one whole side with his items: a stand up wringer for clothes, a treadle sewing machine, a sewing container, a large rum bottle, utensils, powder keg, a Springfield Rifle and Bayonet 1849 and cartridge box, pewter ware, a wooden funnel, pudding mold, butter mold, candle box, spice box, old bottles and even some old traps, were just some of the items to be seen of his historical collection of the area.
Philip Worcester’s displays were of old traps used to trap beavers, muskrat and bear, which our dad used when he was trapping animals. Philip also had a large fish net, a two person saw and other items that I can’t remember what they were called.
Alice Grants photos of Columbia Falls were on display from the Ruggles House, as well as the Ruggles Coat of Arms and also a ‘Cubs’ ball uniform was on display donated by John Tibbetts.
Roberta Hammond had a nice display of items that were in her family from Columbia Falls.
My display was of the Worcester genealogy showing the family of Moses Worcester of Pleasant River area and a collection of ‘Then and Now’ canning jars with an old 1875 cookbook loaned to me for this occasion. I had many folks stopping by my table to talk about their family history. One of them was another Facebook friend Ken Strout of Hermon, Maine on the Strout side.   On my table were the new 2014 calendars hot off the press of old businesses of the area as well as the 2013 calendars that are of school classes in the area.
The artist that came to paint Columbia Falls for the day brought into the hall a wonderful selection of paintings of Columbia Falls. It was hard to say which one I would have had to choose to be the best. I enjoyed watching one young lady paint her picture in the hall all day.  If only I was as talented as the ones that chose to participate in this.
The ‘Paint Columbia Falls’ ladies, Ann, Jean, Ora, and Virginia spent the day at the hall to register the artist for the art show and auction.  
We did not attend the dances Saturday evening but did hear that they were well attended and that the fireworks were great.
Our daughter Diadem, her husband Jesse and grandson Asa Washburn of Boston came for a quick visit this past weekend also my granddaughters Jasmine and Brittany St. Pierre and their mother Kimberly of Carmel; they were here Sunday to help Master Konner Strout celebrate his birthday. Konner’s party was well attended with all of his relatives, friends and school mates

On Monday evening June 17 Pleasant River Historical Society had a meeting at the Cape Split Chapel with Lorraine and Chris Thompson as our guest speakers. They had a slide presentation of their mission trip to India.  The next meeting will be on July 15 with Ronnie Gray talking about Addison Businesses and it will be held at the Addison Town Hall.
The 2013 & 2014 Pleasant River Historical Society Collectible Calendar’s will be on sale at the 150 Celebration June 29 in the Union Hall. I will have a few to sell there on Saturday. I also will be having a genealogy display at the Union Hall on Saturday on the Worcester’s of Columbia.
I received my copy of the History of Columbia Falls by Gloria Allen Hayward. I was pleased to see several photos that I had donated. They were the Calithumpians postcard, a photo of my dad’s class 1926, my grandparents Leeman and Angie Grant and also the Indian River Water tank that has Eri Drisko in it. You can also get a copy of this book during the Celebrations on Saturday and Sunday from the committee members.
We enjoyed a lovely dinner with our friends the Morrisons in Milbridge Saturday evening.
The garden is still being planted; we have a few more things to get planted this week.
My white roses, snowball bush, wisteria bushes, day lilies and my button bush are all in blossom. It sure does smell good around here.
Rory Seesman has been in town at his family’s summer home for a week. I am sure he misses his parents being there.
The buses of the district are being worked on at the garage; we should be all set when September comes.
I have been doing some more genealogy with folks on line. I have heard from Roland Grant on what he has been learning about the Tucker family. He and his wife have just returned from Europe on searching out new information on the Tuckers.
 Bob & Paulette Veit of New Hampshire are here for a week, they will be here for the 150th Celebration for Columbia Falls. Over the weekend we all visited the cellar hole of Moses & Diadem Worcester’s homestead at Saco Village where our ancestors lived. Moses and Diadem were our two and three great grandparents. I enjoy sharing what I find on our history with her.

Lorraine & Chris Thompson speakers at the Pleasant River Historical Society meeting.

Ronie Worcester Strout & Paulette Look Veit in the cellar hole of Moses and Diadem Worcester at Saco Village, Columbia, Maine.

June 16, 2013 
School is out for the summer, watch for children playing outside near a road, you never know when they will dart out in front of you.
On Thursday we ended the school year by having a district wide barbeque at Narraguagus High School.
Twenty four members attended Alcyone #71 Eastern Star meeting Thursday evening in Milbridge. A good time was had by all. We are planning on a bean supper for July 17 & September 7 at the Masonic Hall in Milbridge, mark this on your calendar. Another fund raiser for a Foodless Food Sale is ongoing with the chapter this month; if you are a member you will soon be receiving a little poem in the mail telling you all about it. Mark your calendar that there will be  a Craft Fair the first Saturday in November at the Columbia Falls Community building.
The Eastern Star Chapter Alcyone #71 of Milbridge prepared the meal for the Milbridge High School Alumni on Saturday afternoon. The workers for the afternoon were Madelyn Phinney, Becky Atwater, Clara Driscoll, Sylvia Joy and I.
We have had our grandson Konner Strout a few days since school let out and he sure has kept us busy. We visit the neighbor’s chickens and goats, go for walks in the woods and some quiet time spent in side with the little toys ie match box cars that his dad and uncles use to play with when they were his age. Konner loves to go to the attic to check out if there are any more hidden toys to play with.
I have been corresponding with folks on the Mayflower and DAR Groups this week. I have looked up information for several of them hoping they can join both societies.
Just was informed today that our neighbor that owned a summer home here on the ridge passed away in April. I had wondered why we had not heard or seen him this spring. Condolences go out to Allen Seesman of Elliot and Columbia, Maine. He will be missed.
Condolences also go out to the families of Pauline Perry of Gouldsboro and Harrington as well as to the families of Virginia Grant of Cherryfield.
The Pleasant River Historical Calendar is going to the printers this week, the theme for 2014 are old businesses in the towns of Columbia, Columbia Falls, and Addison.  We have plenty of 2013 calendars left if you would like to get one for a souvenir.
Summer vacation for the students of SAD #37 begins on Wednesday. Hopefully they have lots of ideas on how they will spend it. Eight graders will be graduating this week from all of the schools in the district.
While I have been out and about, I noticed that a lot of things are happening on the Ridge Road in Addison, a lot of construction work has been going on. Roofs being shingled or replaced, homes being spruced up with new paint, a new driveway being put in for a new home for Kimberly Taylor and her husband, gardens being planted, lawns freshly mowed, wood being sawed and split and delivered to folks for their winter supply, and then we have the flowering trees and shrubs showing their beauty off every day as they come into their bloom.  
On Tuesday June 4, the 6, 7, & 8 graders of Harrington had a field trip to Ellsworth to the bowling alley, and then we traveled to Lamoine Beach to enjoy the nice day before their lunch at Jordan’s Snack Bar. A good time was had by all.
Saturday evening I met up with another Facebook friend in Milbridge at the Morrison’s home. Paul Kirby of Jasper, Georgia, was here for the interment of his mother Verna Kirby on Tuesday of this week.
Get well to Huddy Peterson of Harrington, she has now been moved to the Collier's Rehab  & Nursing Center in Ellsworth. Cards can be sent to her at 33 Birch Ave., Ellsworth, Maine.

June 1, 2013
Condolences go to to the family of Barbara Libby of Columbia who passed away May 29, 2013. Around forty family and friends attended the service for Barbara at the Wescogus Cemetery in Addison on Sunday afternoon.
Get well wishes go out to the following folks: Eve Alley of Addison, Jason Carroll of Columbia, Huddy Peterson of Harrington and Mary Farnsworth of Cherryfield.
I have been working on the calendar for the Pleasant River Historical Society quite a lot this past week.  Some think that it is easy to do but I have had to do some research on the pictures that I am using and then fixing them so they will print out better for the calendar. I also have received some more photos of the area to use in the calendar that have been posted on my groups from Ernest MacLauchlan formerly of Addison.  It is really interesting connecting on Facebook and learning more about the history of Addison through photos that are being posted.
This past week Alan & Peggy Tabbut of Wisconsin was in the area doing research on the Tabbutt line. They stayed at the Llama Farm in Addison where I had a nice visit with them one evening. I sent them home with some Maine goodies for them to try. I knew them only through Facebook until I met up with them here in Addison. It felt like I had known them for year. Now I hear that another Facebook friend William Wallace Tabbot of Spartanburg, South Carolina will be coming to Addison to do some research on the Tabbot line at the end of June. I hope to be able to meet up with him while he is in the area.
There seems to be a lot of conversations on my genealogies groups: Pleasant River Historical Society Group, Washington County Pleasant River Group, and the Washington County Historical Genealogical Society Group. I am pleased that a lot of local photos of Addison are popping up and more and more of my ‘friends’ in the genealogy world are connecting. So much fun to connect with them and help them find out more information on their ancestors.


Here is an update on our friend Huddy Peterson of Harrington who is still in the hospital in Bangor. Huddy told me she is enjoying receiving the get well cards that are being sent her way. She is getting a lot of visitors and finding out what is happening in our area, so she is not missing out on the news. In fact she mentioned to me that Jason Carroll of Columbia had fallen and was in the hospital. Get well wishes go out to the both of them as well as to Joan Ramsay of Addison, who has been out of school for a while recuperating from a knee operation.
Pleasant River Historical Society held their monthly meeting at the Addison Town Hall on Monday evening with guest speaker Dr. Ben Treadwell speaking on health issues for seniors. Those folks that came out to listen to Dr. Treadwell were Arleta & Lee Grant, Jeannette Perry, Tim & Mary Thompson, Lorraine & Chris Thompson, Martha Treadwell, David Spaulding and I. 
On Wednesday evening, Carroll and I attended the Spring Concert at Harrington, our grandson Konner Strout was in it. The students at Harrington Elementary all did a great job singing. It was great to see all of the grandparents that were able to attend the program. Afterwards ice-cream sundaes were served to everyone which was a great hit for the students and others.
Thursday evening twenty two folks turned out to the Jonesport Historical Society. The guest speaker for the evening was Ed Flanagan, president and CEO of Jasper Wyman and Sons, Inc.  Wyman’s founded in 1874 and based in Milbridge produces and markets wild blueberry products and complimentary frozen berry products.  Refreshments served afterwards were made with blueberries and they all were delicious.
The Memorial Day Ceremony at Narraguagus High School was held Friday morning in the Charles F. Lawrence Gymnasium with all students from fifth to twelfth grades in the district attending. The guest speaker for the program was Gary Wilson of Addison who received a standing ovation for his speech.
I heard from my son Matthew St. Pierre of Etna that he is on vacation in Las Vegas for ten days. He should be so lucky he is there and not here with all of this cold and rainy weather we are having.- Ronie Strout

Ed Flanagan, president & CEO of Jasper Wyman and Sons, Inc. Speaker for the Jonesport Historical Society #1854

             Gary Wilson, speaker for Memorial Day Program at NHS in Harrington

Dr. Ben Treadwell, PH.D. Speaker for the Pleasant River Historical Society

 May 17, 2013
On Thursday I was in Orono with the Narraguagus track and team for their meet. While I waited for the team I visited with the Washington Academy bus driver that brought their team there. We got caught up on all the news since the last time we saw each other. It is always great to connect with friends while you are waiting around for a team at these meets.
This week I have been researching for information on the daughters of Virginia Worcester who married Theodore Mingo. Virginia grew up and graduated from Columbia Falls, she was the daughter of Earl and Beryl (Pennell) Worcester. The memorabilia room has a Junior Speaking trophy that was Virginia’s and they are looking for a school photo of Virginia to go with it.
I was able to track down one of the daughters Judie and we spoke on Sunday afternoon. I had a lovely talk with her and she said she would try and see if her sister might have a picture of their mother back then. Judie asked me how I was able to fine her and I said that I sent out my query via the internet to the genealogy groups that I belong to and received enough information to send a message to Judie via Facebook, and a connection was made. I must say it didn’t take that long to come up with the info that I needed.
Get well wishes go out to Huddy Peterson of Harrington who is in Eastern Maine Hospital in Bangor. She fell at her house and broke some bones; she could use some cheering up and would love to get cards from her friends. I spoke with her Sunday evening and she said that she missed my short visits with her between bus runs. Her son Roger came from Florida to be with her for a few days. Cards can be sent to room 533 at Eastern Maine Hospital, Bangor, Me.
Condolences go out to the family of Gloria McKenney on their loss of their mother.  

Carroll and I traveled to Boston on Saturday with Michelle McLaughlin and Konner Strout both of Harrington to attend Asa Boothe Washburn’s first birthday party at his home in Boston. Asa is the son of Diadem and Jesse Washburn.  Over thirty friends and family came together to make his day special with a barbeque in the back yard of his home.

May 12, 2013
Fifteen members of Alcyone #71 Milbridge and two members of Irene # 97 of Ellsworth attended the Eastern Star stated meeting Thursday evening in Milbridge. A Mother’s Day program was given to recognize all mothers. We were glad to have Madelyn and Charlie Phinney back with us from their winter resident in Florida.  Refreshments were served after the meeting. Another great evening was had by Star friends.
The graveside service for Susie (Tucker}, Leighton, Brewer was held Friday morning at the Greenwood Cemetery in Milbridge, and afterwards all attended the gathering at 44 Degree North Restaurant in Milbridge, Maine for a luncheon.
I had a nice call from Dr. Benjamin Carr of Hancock asking about the house that he own at one time on the dike in Addison. He wanted to know if there was any way he could see the pictures that I took of it. He connected with me on Facebook and was able to see all of the pictures. He also told me a bit about the history of that house. It started out as a dance hall at Ripley Point in Harrington, then was moved to a spot on Church Hill Lane and used to raise turkeys. Later it was moved to the dike, and was sat up as a clam shop and worm business. Later Bryon Lamson a carpenter of Addison put a pitch roof on it to make it into a home for Dr. Carr. He told me that he had the best house on the dike. Well, yes of course, it was the best house as it was the only one there at the time. He was very sad to hear that it had burned.
I received a letter form Florence (Crowley) Mayne formerly from Addison recently. She and her husband Robert Mayne Sr. will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 16, in Browns Mills, New Jersey where they live. They were married in the Addison Methodist Church in 1963.
 Florence is the daughter of the late Lawrence and Gladys Crowley of the Ridge Road in Addison and granddaughter of Neil and Pheobe (Joy) Plummer.
Florence and Robert have two children Sarah Ann (Mayne) Smith and husband Daniel of New Jersey, and Robert Mayne Jr. of Elmira, New York. They have two granddaughters and six great grandchildren.
If you wish to send a card to wish them a happy anniversary, their address is 412 Chippewa Trail, Browns Mills, NJ  08015 or give them a call at 1-609-893-7313.
I had a nice Mother’s Day; we enjoyed a meal on Friday evening at 44 Degree North Restaurant in Milbridge. I received two plants and a gift card to buy one at a local florist shop along with cards and phone calls from my children. I also had a nice mess of smelts brought in to me.
This weekend I was able to get some fiddle head greens to put in my freezer for the winter. I took inventory of one of my freezers and found that I still have plenty of fiddleheads and strawberries to use up. I guess we did not eat as much as I thought out of that freezer. It sure looks empty, so we  must of ate something.  Won’t be long before we start planting the garden and decide on what we need to plant for the winter supply. Ronie Strout

 The kindergarten, first and second grades of D W Merritt, Addison Elementary School enjoyed their visit to the Children Discovery Museum in Bangor on Tuesday April 30. Some of them were even on the news that evening.
On Wednesday Mary Alice Look, Roberta Hammond and I were in Machias helping to get the Burnham Tavern cleaned and ready to open for the season. There will be a Mother’s Day Tea on Saturday May 11 in the afternoon from 2 to 4 PM.
On Saturday, I attended the Cherryfield Quilt show held at the Cherryfield Academy building. There were lots of nice quilts and it was hard to choose which one was the best. I choose them all, but alas had to pick one that stood out to me as the best on there. Afterwards I ventured to the small Cherryfield Library to check it out and to see what they had for genealogy material. One of these days I would like to go again and document all that is there. I did take some photos of the inside, to post on Facebook in a couple of groups that I belong to.
On Sunday afternoon, the home of Linda Smith at 490 Ridge Rd on the dike in Addison burnt down. Thank goodness no one was to home but the sad thing is that she had just left this morning to be away for a few months in her camper. Hopefully someone will be able to reach her and let her know what has happened.
Mary Farnsworth our town office assistant is in the hospital, cards would be welcome, her room number at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, Me is 388.
I have one of those spring colds, which just won’t give up. On these nice days I actually wanted to be outside working in the yard, instead of lying around.
490 Ridge Rd on the dike in Addison







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