Columbia Falls town office phone number 483-4067

Elected officials and staff:

Name Position
Telephone  Email
 Selectmen meet 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:00
Alan Grant Selectman, Chairman 483-2830  
Todd Emerson Selectman 483-2685  
Jay Look Selectman 483-4757  
Cassie Mele
Administrative assistant  W 483-4067
   Town Clerk
   Tax Collector
Wayne Hurlbert Treasurer 483-2280  

Geri Moore Tax Assessor 483-2844  
Dale Smith Tax Assessor 483-2867  
Dawnette Robbins Tax Assessor 483-4111  
Dave Perham Fire chief
Irving Pinkham
Animal Control Officer (ACO)
Mike Bailey Road commissioner 483-6156  
Planning Board meets 3rd Tuesday at 6:30
Philip Worcester Planning Board Chair 483-4402  
Charlie Robbins Planning Board 483-4111  
Jay Look Planning Board 483-4757  
Chris Rackliff Planning Board 483-2497  
Robert McGinley Planning Board  
John Matzilevich Code Enforcement Officer  
S.A.D #37 Directors  
Sally Thompson 483-2710  
Vance Pineo Jr. 483-4569  
Pleasant River Ambulance      
 Courtney Hammond    483-2038  
 Lita Bagley    483-4010  
 Lewis Emerson
 Edward Wright
 Shane Emerson



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