March 22, 2015

Upcoming Events:
            Kindergarten registration is this coming week, Harrington will be on Wednesday April 1, April 2 is Milbridge and April 3 is DW Merritt registration days.

Scholarship Notice:
The following quote: “Beginnings are scary, endings are sad, it's what happens in the middle that truly counts” is what inspired our family to create the Angels in Waiting Memorial Scholarship in loving memory of Crystal Farnsworth Sawtelle and Cheryl Farnsworth Bagley. Their determination to defeat all the hardships and struggles associated with Cystic Fibrosis and their desire to make THEIR middle truly count, allowed them to live their life to the fullest and leave behind a remarkable legacy.
            Our family wants this scholarship to be given to a graduating student from Narraguagus High School who sincerely desires to progress in life through the means of higher education but cannot fulfill that desire through family resources. Preference will also be given to a student who is planning to further their education in a field of medicine, pharmacy, medical research, nursing, or palliative care.
            If you would like to donate to the Scholarship, please send your donations no later than April 15, 2015 to Lori Mathews 206 Kansas Road Milbridge, Maine 04658    
Out and About

 I have had a busy week what with attending the Columbia Town Meeting supper on March 16, and then attending the Columbia Falls Town Meeting supper on Tuesday the 17 where I did stay for a bit of their meeting.
On Wednesday evening the Adult Education Line Dancing Class was held at DW Merritt School in Addison with most of the regular crew there. It will be held for a few more weeks there while the school budget meetings are held at NHS. I rather liked it in Addison as it has a larger floor and we don’t have the noise of the soda machines competing with the music we dance by.

Thursday afternoon I again had to double up on two runs as we had a bus driver out, plus I had a pee wee ball game that I drove the Addison students to Harrington and brought them back afterwards. This sure keeps me busy driving a school bus with ball games between the schools.
On Friday I traveled to Ellsworth for a doctor’s appointment and then had a visit with my husband at the Nursing Home and then lunch at Denny’s before arriving back in time to do my afternoon bus run. I was some glad that Friday had arrived.
Of course the weekend was just as busy, my list was made and checked twice to see what I was doing and where I thought I had to be at.  
First thing on my agenda: I dropped in on Joanne Bert here in Addison and visited with her for a bit of chat and to pick up a photo of her house to make a copy of.
As one of my meetings was canceled in Machias I had time to attend the 50th Wedding Anniversary of John and Lois Farnsworth of Addison along with many friends and relatives that turned out to celebrate with them.
Later in the day I picked up my sister-in-law Bunny Plummer and off we went to the last Snowmobile Supper for the season in Cherryfield.  Joanne and Randy Gray from Brewer, and Ben Harper and friend of Bass Harbor were among the regulars to venture out to this supper. It is always great to see the folks from Centerville, Columbia, Columbia Falls, East Machias, Beddington, Harrington, Addison, and of course Cherryfield that come to every supper. The marafax beans are cooked by June Rolfe to perfection as usual. The different casseroles were all delicious as well as the pies and grape nut pudding that were serve. The Snowmobile Club will have one more Sunday breakfast on March 25 before shutting down for the season. I personally think they should keep on cooking till the snow leaves but alas they have put in their time and now need to move on to the next fund raiser they will be planning.
On my way back from the supper I stopped in to the 7th Annual Downeast Idol Competition and got to hear some of the contestants to their thing. The winners of the Junior Contestants were: 1st place Haley Kennedy, 2nd place Alexis Fletcher, and 3rd place Kiki Morrill. The winners of the Adult Contestants were: 1st Jasmine Bradley, 2nd, Everard Hall and 3rd place Greg Grant.   Another wonderful evening spent out and about and they say we have nothing to do around here in these parts. Jasmine Bradley almost did not compete as she had a car accident the night before, but with her friends cheering her on she got on stage and did a wonderful job. I am so glad she did as she has a wonderful voice.
Sunday I was out and about with Tim and Mary Thompson of Addison and we attended the benefit dinner for Brad Curtis of Cherryfield. A great crowd turned out for this wonderful event.
It is always a pleasure to chat with Dick Grant of Columbia Falls who was visiting the Paul’s on the Ridge Rd here in Addison on Sunday afternoon. He enjoyed the apple pie that Dick Paul had made that day and so did I.
Get well wishes go out to Ronald Gray of Addison, he is in Eastern Maine Hospital for a bit, I am hoping he will soon be home soon. Helene “Glenis” Britton and Carroll Stout both could use some cheering up, they are in Courtland Rehab in Ellsworth along with Vonalee Huckins of Milbridge.

March 15th, 2015

Happy Birthday to the State of Maine we turned 195 years old on March 15, 2015.

This past week my daughter Diadem Washburn and her children Asa and Mabel came for a long visit. While here they visited with her father several times and also helped me move genealogy books to my attic so that I can reorganize my front room and my genealogy.
On Tuesday evening I took my daughter and her children to the Town Meeting supper in Addison, she said she wanted to go to a public supper while home. This was a first for the children to go to.

On Wednesday evening Zachary and Konner Strout shared our corn beef dinner with us. Konner and his aunt Michelle has stopped by several times during the week to play with the children.
The Washburn’s returned to their home on Friday to beat the storm that we were expecting on the weekend.

Thursday evening the Eastern Star members held their annual meeting at the Lodge in Milbridge. The next meeting will be April 9 at 7:30 PM and afterwards the Installation will take place for the new officers for the coming year.  

My nephew Jonathan Plummer came by on Saturday and built me 10 shelves in the attic to put my genealogy books on. He did a wonderful job and I would recommend him if you need a small job like this done. Jonathan has been really busy this winter working in Lubec so I was lucky that he could find the time to do this for me.

Carroll is still in rehab and is holding his own; hopefully he will continue to improve. I have dropped off more magazines for him to look at and to share with the others. I visited with Vonalee Huckins a while on Friday while I was there.

Sunday morning I got my son Zachary to stop by and saw off some legs on a book shelf that I had him take to the attic. After his parents left Konner organized some things for me and then helped to fill the wood box with me before he left.

I had another enjoyable dinner with the Hammond’s in Harrington Sunday evening. As usual Sarah-Ann made another lovely meal a corn beef dinner and Susan Norton brought the desserts which were so good.
I spoke with Eleanor Galen of Wesley this weekend and we both got caught up on the news here about. It is always good to hear from her.

Condolences go out to Donna Dorr’s family on her passing, her and husband Kenneth were both from Columbia, Maine.

Mark your calendar a meeting of the Washington County Historical & Genealogical Society will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 21st. The meeting will be held in the Emergency Management Room, 28 Center Street, Machias, Maine. Caleb Ross, IT coordinator for Washington County will help the WCH&GS design and build a web-site for the organization.  The public is invited to attend.

Friends and family on Saturday March 21 come and help celebrate John & Lois Farnsworth of Addison their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Addison Town Hall, at 2 p.m.  Please bring a dish of goodies to share.

Mark your calendar on Saturday March 21 the Narraguagus Snowmobile Club will hold their last public supper at the Club House on the Ridge Rd in Cherryfield at 5:30 PM for the season.


March 8, 2015
Thirty seven Narraguagus students and chaperones enjoyed skiing and tubing at Hermon Mountain Thursday evening. The temperature was a lot colder by the time we got there. I definitely did not stand outside too long to watch them when they came down the mountain.  They all looked like they enjoyed themselves skiing and tubing.
            I visited with my husband on Saturday and also stopped by to say hello to Margo West and Helena Britton. I had planned to stop in and visit with Vonalee Huckins but she was still at the hospital but I heard she was back at Rehab after I left.
Jonathan Plummer, wife and child stop in for a visit with Carroll later in the day, they were on their way home from attending the Sportsmen Show.
             Quite a few turned out to the Narraguagus Snowmobile Club public supper Saturday evening. I stopped and picked up Bunny Plummer of Cherryfield on my way to it. As usual the food was great as well as the folks that were there. The marafax beans cooked the ‘Columbia Way’ by June Rolfe was great as usual and all of the casseroles were delicious as well.
I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks ahead this past weekend. I know I woke up just as early as usual on Sunday morning.
On Sunday morning our nephew Jonathan Plummer, his wife Danielle and daughter Adreana stopped by for a visit with me while they were out and about.
The Pleasant River Historical Society held a business meeting Sunday afternoon at the home of Cathy Fonda with five present. We are gathering photos of old homes in the area. If anyone has a nice photo of their homes that we could use in our 2016 calendar and write up a basic house history we would love to get them to use.
Sunday evening I was invited out for a homemade fish chowder by our niece Sarah-Ann Hammond of Harrington, it was great time visiting with her family for a few hours.
Our town reports showed up one day recently, our meeting will be this Tuesday the 10. I guess it is that time of the year. Town meeting suppers are always good to attend, with all of the delicious food that will be at them. The marafax beans are different in each town on how they are cooked. It kind of depends on which side of the former railroad tracks the folks were born on how they are cooked. Either with molasses or without molasses or sugar added.  Just depends on the cook. 

March 1, 2015
Belated birthday wishes go out to Stewart Stanwood of Columbia; he celebrated his special day on March 1st.

We had another snow day on Wednesday so that school got canceled again. This makes up six days so far. Thank goodness we had five already written in the calendar.
Condolences to the following families on their loss: Benjamin Carr of Hancock and formerly of Columbia Falls and Wyman Farnsworth of Addison.
Mark your calendar Narraguagus Snowmobile Club will be having their public Bake Bean Supper on March 7 and another one on March 21. They are also having breakfast and lunch on Sundays at the club for all those snowmobilers out on their sleds and any others that might drop in.
Pleasant River Historical Society will hold a business meeting at 2 pm on March 8 at Jeannette Perry’s home on School Street to discuss upcoming speakers for the coming season.
Mark your calendar for a Benefit Pot Luck Supper for Brad Curtis a 22 year old firefighter of Cherryfield on Sunday March 22 at Cherryfield Elementary School from Noon to 5 PM. Brad has been diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and will be out of work for more than six months. For more information contact: Matt @ 207-812-1010 or Sabrina at 207-598-5582.
My grandson Konner Strout came by Saturday evening with some fresh smelts for me that he caught on the
Addison River when he was fishing with his school friend Logan Stubbs and Logan’s grandfather Danny Stubbs.
The deer in the area are really getting hungry, I had one or more that got over a high snow bank to get at my bird feeders. I wish I would catch them at it because it would be nice to watch from my window but alas they sneak in after I go to bed. My cedar tree out back has been chewed on by the deer, I could see from my attic window when I was up there.
This week I had a call from someone trying to get in touch with a Wallace Ham that I found out had lived in Columbia Falls back in the 90’s. He said their 50th high school reunion was coming up and needed to find him to send an invitation. I said I would see what I could do to help him out. After I hung up thought I will check the phone book first and there his name was, but not in Columbia Falls but in Ellsworth. So I put a call in to the Ham’s and gave them the number to call ‘Jerry” his classmate. I then called Jerry and gave him the Ham’s number. I wished both of them good luck in getting in touch with each other. I guess this was one of my good deeds for the day that only took a few minutes to do.  “Jerry” said he had found me on the online newspaper the Columbia Falls Record and thought that I could help him out with his mission which I was glad to do..
Carroll Strout is now again in Courtland Rehab in Ellsworth along with Vonalee Huckins of Milbridge and Margo West of Steuben. While I was visiting him on Saturday I also got to visit with the ladies before I left.  I spoke with Harry Worcester who was heading to go home after being in rehab for a while. I asked if he was related to the Worcester’s from Columbia/Columbia Falls area and he said he really didn’t know as he was actually from the Old Town area but was now living in Franklin.
I received in the mail this week some information form Ronald Grant of Billings, MT on the Tucker family genealogy that he sent to me to read.

By Ronie Strout

February 22, 2015
School vacation is over and we will be back in school on Tuesday as Monday is a teacher workshop day in the district.
The snowstorms this week dropped more snow for all of us. Thank goodness my son keeps me plowed out and all that I have to do is shovel out my mail box and my deck. I do know I have a lot of snow in the driveway, and if we keep getting more snow it will take till the 4th of July to melt.
I took a ride on Friday afternoon up to Columbia and could not get to Saco Hill as the road was filled in with drifts. I decided I might just get stuck so I turned around and came home.
I have been going to and from Ellsworth to visit my husband who is now back in Ellsworth Hospital. While he was in Rehab I visited with Helena Britton and a couple of other folks that were there. Helena has now returned to her home in Addison.
I had gathered up some more magazines this week and took them to both the Nursing Home and the hospital. Hopefully they will be put to good use.
I have been in contact with a number of relatives this week, working on their family tree for them. One night we were on the phone for over three hours with me helping her with her tree. We laughed a lot and reminisced about our ancestors and what we remembered about them. It kept me busy even after we hung up the phone.
I heard from Roland Grant this past week; he is still working on the Tucker side of his family.  He got me caught up on what he has found, he said he had also talked with Gwen Grant of Harrington recently.
On Saturday evening I attended the public supper in Cherryfield for the Snowmobile Club. There were quite a few that came out to it and I enjoyed socializing with everyone.
Get well wishes go out to Fred Crowley of Columbia Falls. - Ronie Strout

February 14, 2015

This past week the bus drivers had quite a time finding a way to get students to school on time. We managed to double up several days and on Wednesday we had too many out due to illness so I had to triple up on this end of the district.  Everyone got home maybe not their regular time but no one was left at school either. I just hope all of the sickness will be over for us as drivers as I definite do not want to do that again. A thank you to the parents that did take their child to and from school it may my three runs run smoother.

The Narragauagus Snowmobile Club will hold another public supper on Saturday February 21 in Cherryfield at the Club House. Hopefully the storms will have passed and we can socialize with everyone again.

Condolences go out to the families of Stanley Willey of Cherryfield and Merton Allen of Columbia Falls, they will be greatly missed.

I have been to Ellsworth several times visiting with my husband and with Helena Britton both of Addison. If you have magazines that you get and after reading them I would be glad to take them off your hands and drop them off at the nursing home or at the hospital when I am in Ellsworth.

This week I took one of my evenings and called a few relatives, a cousin in Connecticut and one in Blue Hill, Maine. I am trying to connect with ones that I haven’t been in touch either via regular mail or the internet. I enjoyed connecting with them and catching up on their news.  

On Thursday evening after I had gone to bed I got a late call from my son Zebadiah who is in the country China who wanted to catch up on the family news. Not sure if I remember the whole conversation but it was good to hear from him.

On Saturday the 14, Alfred Cirone of Addison was checking on his boat down to Eastern Harbor and went through the ice; he was in the water up to 3o minutes. Thank goodness others that were in the area tending to their own boats saw it happen and rushed to save him. He was transported to the Machias Hospital.  

I counted thirteen smelt huts on the river in Addison, I am told in a few days I will be given some fresh smelts for a meal.

Another blizzard is making up as I write this on Saturday, I imagine we will lose power and I am prepared for it. Thank goodness this coming week is our February school vacation so we won’t lose any more snow days this week.

Get well wishes to Glendon Crowley, Fred Crowley, Kevin Rice, Roberta Hammond, Carroll Strout, Helena Britton and all the others that are under the weather. Spring is on its way so I am told.

Pleasant River Historical Society canceled their business meeting on Sunday the 15 because of the storm and moved it to February 22. It will be at Jeannette Perry’s home at 2 p.m. in Addison.
I have a few more Pleasant River Historical Society 2015 Civil War Calendars still to sell; I try and carry them with me wherever I may roam. If you would like one please contact me via phone or see me when I am out and about. - Ronie Strout


February 8th, 2015

Illness prevented me driving the bus on last Monday, another driver Fred Prince has been out due to illness too at the end of the week, which made me in doubling up two runs.
Hopefully everyone will be on the mend so we can get through the next week and improve during February vacation week.

In traveling the Columbia route, the snow on Saco Hill and by the Columbia Town Hall was almost impassable. I have not seen this much snow in those areas since 1981 when my family were snowed in while we lived at the end of the Farnsworth Road.  
The snowplow men are doing the best they can to keeping the roads open working night and day. Now, another storm is heading our way with maybe up to another 18 inches. Where we are going to put more snow is beyond my thinking.
During the week while shoveling out my mailbox again, I decided to leave something for the mail man on top of my box. I built a neat little snowman and put food coloring on his hat and around his neck so that Jesse could actually notice him.  I hope he liked my snowman.
School was dismissed on Monday at noon and another snow day was on Thursday due to another snowstorm.

The smelt huts are arriving on the river, I saw four here in Addison this weekend, hopefully I will be able to get a taste of some fresh smelts that will supply me one meal to go along with a mess of dandelions.

Friday I was in Ellsworth for several doctor appointments and to visit with my husband at Courtland Rehab.
On Saturday February 7, the members of the Hannah Weston Chapter, Machias, Maine and Daughters of the American Revolution gathered for a Dutch treat  luncheon and meeting at the Bluebird Restaurant for their monthly meeting with fifteen present. The Chapter Historian Theresa Farnsworth presented the program on Abraham Lincoln after the business meeting.  
In the evening I attended the Narraguagus Snowmobile Club supper in Cherryfield, a very large crowd was out for that.  I enjoyed talking with the couple from Bass Harbor that loves to attend this supper. It is always nice to socialize with folks you don’t know, a nice way to meet people.
On Sunday morning I traveled to Ellsworth for a visit with my husband Carroll at Courtland Rehab and while I was there I stopped to say hi to Helena Britton and George Wooster of Hancock who are also there.

Get Well Wishes
I stopped in Milbridge at the Masonic Lodge to attend the benefit dinner for Vonalee and Eugene Huckins. A very large crowd turned out for the spaghetti dinner to help them out in their time of need.
I spoke with Vonalee and she just wants everyone to know that she and her husband appreciate everything that has been done to help them out. Vonalee will be going to EMMC for more surgery on the 13th then she will go into rehab for a while.  Keep her in your prayers while she goes through the upcoming surgery.

Birthday wishes
were well received on the Basin Road in Addison on Sunday. That lady Doris Joy turned 100 years old on February 8, 2015. While visiting with her she said the phone had been ringing off the hook with birthday wishes from all of her friends and family. Doris even shared a piece of her birthday cake with me while I was there.
. Over the years I have been sending her a birthday card and she could not figure out how I remembered what day her birthday was. I told her we shared the same birth day was how I remembered and this year she sent me a card before I got one to her.
After I left from my visit with Doris I stopped on my way home to visit with Ronald and Charlene Gray of the Indian River area of Addison. I had a lovely visit with them getting caught up on all of the family news.
On arriving home I checked my answering machine and 90 year old Phyllis Wilder from Jonesport was singing to me Happy Birthday. What a special surprise that was and really made my day special. I called her right up and chatted with her for a bit.
All day I had wishes sent to me via the internet, and phone calls from friends and family from afar after I got back home. I heard from all of my children throughout the day.  All in all I had a wonderful day and will cherish this for a very long time.

February 1, 2015.

Mark your calendar,
A benefit spaghetti dinner for Vonalee & Eugene Huckins of Milbridge will be held at the Milbridge Masonic Lodge on Bridge Street, February 8, 2015 from noon to 2 pm.
Members of the Hannah Weston Chapter, Machias, Maine, and Daughters of the American Revolution will gather for a Dutch treat luncheon and meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, February 7th at the Bluebird Restaurant in Machias.
A program on Abraham Lincoln will be presented by chapter Historian Theresa Farnsworth.
The Narraguagus Snowmobile Club will be having another supper on Saturday February 7 at the Club House on the Ridge, in Cherryfield, Maine. The supper will start at 5:30 with lots of casseroles and bake beans to tempt your appetite and their pies are delicious too!

Zeb Strout in China
I heard from my son Zebadiah Strout 1st Assistant Engineer on the Moku Pahu the other day; he will arrive in China in a few days where he will be for about two months while the tug is in dry dock.  It is always nice to hear from him and the day before I spoke with his wife Molly to see how she was doing.

Get Well Wishes
Some folks in the area that needs get well wishes are: Helena Britton and Carroll Strout of Addison,  Fred Crowley, Sandy Look, and Gail and Vernon Scott of Columbia Fall, Anthony Joyce of Columbia and Bonnie Sproul of Cherryfield, and Vonalee Huckins of Milbridge.
go out to Lorraine West family of Milbridge and April Sawyer of Harrington on their passing.
February birthdays coming up are the following:  Susan Norton on the 3rd, Nona Cirone, Calista Morrill on February 5th, Jean Richardson, Richard Paul on the 6th, Virginia Tibbetts, Doris Joy, Jack Gray and Ronie Strout the 8th, Betty Jordan on the 9th , and Tracey Ramsay the 10th, are just  a few celebrating.
Due to the snow storms that we are having we lost two more days of school, and now we are expecting another storm on Monday.

Big Ol’ Fish
On Friday on WLBZ TV 2 the Big Ol’ Fish one of the photos that was submitted had Konner Strout, Jacob McLaughlin and Logan Stubbs each holding their 13 inch fish they caught on Schoodic Lake the weekend before. Maybe the next time they can catch some more big ones.

On Sunday I enjoyed the meal at the Table of Plenty in Cherryfield, and on my way home I visited with Parris and Sarah-Ann Hammond in Harrington and enjoyed celebrating Susan Norton’s birthday with homemade ice-cream and lemon pudding cake. A great day to get out and about before the next storm hits us.
If you have any news in the surrounding towns to share please contact me I will be glad to put it in the paper for you.  
Have a great snowy week coming up. -  Ronie Strout


January 25, 2015
On Sunday 18, Zachary, Tiffany and Konner stopped in to Rehab for a visit with Carroll on their way to a hockey game in Orono.
Monday was such a nice day to be out and about. I traveled to Ellsworth to visit with my husband at the Rehab center.  Carroll had other visitors that day, his sister Bunnie Plummer and young Stephen Plummer stopped by after Bunnie had been to a doctor appointment. I also visited with Helena Britton and George Wooster whenever I go to visit Carroll at Rehab.
I had to make another trip to Ellsworth for Carroll’s doctor appointment on Tuesday, the roads have been great so far in traveling.
I found out that Kimmy Beal is back in Boston in the hospital, my daughter Diadem visits with her on her lunch breaks most days.
While in Ellsworth on Tuesday I stopped in to leave off a Civil War Calendar at the office of Dr. Vachon for Dottie Vachon. She was really interested in getting one on Tuesday and we had a nice chat.
On Friday evening I attended the Beal’s Historical Society meeting with guest speaker Bill Plaskon on astronomy. It is always nice to see the locals out for these meetings.
On Saturday morning I traveled to Winter Harbor with Rebecca Atwater for a business meeting for Eastern Star. We got back before it got bad traveling with the snow that was coming down.
One day last week I stopped by Huddy Peterson for a quick chat and visit.
The Cherryfield Snowmobile supper on Friday evening was canceled due to the storm  so the next one will be February 7 at the club house.
Many folks turned out for Kenny & Janice Morris benefit supper Sunday evening in Jonesboro, it was a nice meal and I got to socialize with friends that came to it.  
My grandson Konner Strout went ice fishing on Saturday the 24 and caught a nice fish that he shared with his great grandmother.
This last snow storm on Saturday evening dump about 7 inches of snow here where I live and another big storm is due on Monday evening into Tuesday. It would be nice if it just went out to sea, but alas Mother Nature does what she wants.
I had a nice chat with Linda Curtis over the weekend, it is always nice to hear from away relatives and get got up on the news in their family.
Get well wishes go out to Eunice Rockwell, Carroll Strout of Addison,  Fred Crowley, Sandy Look, and Gail and Vernon Scott of Columbia Falls and Bonnie Sproul of Cherryfield.
Lots of birthday wishes goes out to Shawn Hartford on January 26, and Bruce Worcester on February 1, Autumn Schrader on February 3 and  Harry Rolfe on February 4.  Ronie Strout


January 18, 2015 

 I have been busy with checking in on Carroll who is still in Courtland Rehab in Ellsworth, Saturday spent some time there and also visited with Helena Britton of Addison and George Wooster of Hancock. Now you may wonder how and why I visited the other two, well I saw their names on their door and decided they needed company as well. Helena actually knew me and one of my brothers and then I actually knew her brothers Shareld and Roger Redimarker, so guess it is a small world after all. You know it would be amazing to just go and visit as many of these patients even if you don’t know them, as it does a person good to talk and take your mine off your own troubles rather it be me or them. If only I had the time to spare to do it.
Wednesday evening I drove the Narraguagus Knights to Calais for a ball game, another late night out on the town for me.
On Sunday I attended the Pleasant River Historical Society planning meeting at Mary and Tim Thompson home on Cape Split. Others that attended were Jeannette Perry and Cathy Fonda. We discussed the planning of the 2016 calendar which will be on photos of old homes of the area and a brief house history of each of them.
Cathy Fonda and I attended the benefit supper for Raven Leighton at the “Pines” in Milbridge Sunday evening. The parking lot and sides of the road were filled with vehicles with all of the folks that came to it. What a wonderful thing to help someone in need and a good time to get out to socialize with others to help chase away the cabin fever that we get in the winter.
Sarah-Ann Hammond of Harrington had a gathering at her home Sunday evening with some of her family.
More birthday wishes go out to Chris Gosnell of Addison on the 22 and Matthew and Mark Hurlbert of Harrington on the 23. Belated birthday wishes to Frances Stanwood of Columbia who had another birthday on January 18.
Mark your calendar there will be a benefit supper for Janice and Kenny Morris of Jonesboro on Sunday January 25 at 5 pm at the Jonesboro Elementary School.  Also a benefit supper at the Ellsworth Elks Lounge in Ellsworth on 317 High Street for Kimmy Beal formerly of Addison to help pay for all the trips to and from the hospitals in Portland and Boston. This is in February on Saturday the 21st at 4 pm. She cannot work anymore and is being put on a heart transplant list. While I was visiting in Boston I was able to go and see Kimmy at the hospital with my daughter Diadem who had been visiting with her on her lunch breaks. Diadem knew of her but it did not stop her from visiting someone from ‘home’. Diadem told me to let her know if someone from this area are in Boston at a hospital and need someone to stop in for a visit she is willing to go out of her way and help them. She works at the Brigham & Women Hospital. By the way she is just as sociable as I am. Just let me know and I can pass the word to her.
Get well wishes to Jean Dam, Fred Crowley, Sandy Look, and Gail and Vernon Scott of Columbia Falls and Bonnie Sproul of Cherryfield. I hear there is a lot of sickness in the area and hopefully as the days lengthen everyone will be getting better. Ronie Strout
January 112015
 There are lots of folks celebrating their birthdays this coming week. Birthday wishes go out to my brother John Worcester and grandnephew Arlo Worcester on the 14th, neighbor Sherry Paul the 16th, Tara Skeate the 19th, daughter in law Tiffany Strout, neighbor Ed Gosnell, distant cousin Frances Stanwood , and principal Lorna Greene on the 18th, distant cousin Carole Hart on the 19th,  and Arleta Grant, and Larry Shaw on the 23rd,.
Get well wishes go out to my husband Carroll Strout, he is still in rehab in Ellsworth and trying to get better.
Our daughter Diadem and granddaughter Mabel came from Boston to visit her father and Mabel’s grandfather on Thursday evening by bus. We were glad that they came in then because of the storm on Friday. Due to the snow storm we did not venture out to the nursing home but on Saturday we headed for Ellsworth for a nice long visit.
 It was really nice to have them here in Addison for a bit. Mabel got lots of hugs and kisses while she was here. On Sunday they returned via bus to their home in Boston.
On Wednesday I drove the Narraguagus Knights to Machias for their ball game. They won the game that evening.
Pleasant River Historical Society will hold a planning meeting on Sunday January 18 at the home of Mary and Tim Thompson’s home in the afternoon at 2 p.m.  The agenda will be the 2016 calendar that may be of old houses in the Pleasant River area. If anyone has photos of older houses and their history please get in touch with one of the members. We would love to have the house history of information. I know we have some interesting homes in the towns of Addison, Centerville, Columbia and Columbia Falls area.  
Condolences go out to the following families: Donald Grant and Delaine ‘Wanie’ Grant of Addison, John Bigelow of Harrington, and a cousin Helena ‘Winkie” Bartlett of East Millinocket. We will miss them all in our communities.


January 4, 2015
If you want to catch one of the Columbia selectman's meetings and find out what is going on in town; they meet the first and third Monday's of the month except this month they will only be meeting on the 19th.
The next Columbia Falls Union Hall Restoration Committee meeting will be Thursday, January 8th; 6 PM at the Home of Tony and Robin Santiago in Columbia Falls, all are invited to come and find out what will be happening.
Mark your calendar for January 10 the Snowmobile Club in Cherryfield will be having one of their public suppers at the club house on the Ridge Rd. A great time to get out and chase away that cabin fever we get during the long evenings in the winter and to socialize.
Condolences go out to the family of Jerri Cleaves of Addison and to the families of James Hatt and Bridget Robinson of Jonesport.
The Epping Fire Department was called out to a structure fire in Jonesport last week at the apartment complex in the Old High School building.
I had a lovely conversation with Phyllis Wilder of Jonesport on Sunday; she is turning 90 years old on January 8. If you know her or even if you don’t how nice it would be to send her a birthday card and wish her a great day. She lives at 55 Wilder Way, Jonesport, Maine 04649. Give her a call if you have the chance, it is hard to get out and about during the winter and she would love to hear from folks and just chat.
Birthday wishes this week go out to Caleb Paul on the 4th, Sarah Hurlbert the 5th, Zachary Strout the 6, Phyllis Wilder the 8th., Dakota Robinson the 9th  ,  Cody Davis the 11 and  my brother Thomas Worcester the 12.
Thank goodness Carroll Perry Jr and James Johnson of Addison survived their ordeal last week when their urchin diving boat capsized off of Cutler. It sure could have been worse for them.
My husband Carroll Strout is at Courtland Rehab Center 42 Bucksport Rd, Ellsworth, Me 04605 for a few weeks. He went to the hospital on Christmas morning and then to the Rehab on December 31. He is getting the care he needs there that he could not get at home. He is in room D10 and I know he would love to hear from folks that he knows and hear any news that is happening in the area.
Get well wishes also go out to Donnie Grant who fell and broke his hip this weekend and Joseph Tibbetts
I was able to spend a few days with the grandchildren in Boston over the holidays. We went to the New England Aquarium on Sunday and on Thursday Jan. 1st we went to Faneuil Hall where the largest LEGO Art was on display by the artist Nathan Sawaya. My grandson Asa really liked it, especially the 20foot long T-Rex dinosaur skeleton that used over 80,000 Legos to make and one of Sawaya largest sculptures that he has made.  
While visiting with them, I had help from grandson Asa in making rolled out chocolate cookies, yeast and English muffin bread. Asa and I also had craft time learning how to use scissors and glue to make pictures for mom and dad.  Both Asa and Mabel got lots of hugs and kisses from their Nana until next visit.  I am sure they miss me as I miss them a great time that came to an end too soon.
Diadem and I also got to visit Kimberly Beal formerly of Addison at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital where she was a patient. Diadem had taken her in some board games and a quilt to use during her stay.
Some interesting tidbit to the 2015 Pleasant River Historical Calendar, I figured out that my children were related to fourteen out of the 26 Civil War men that are in that calendar. Their third great grandfather was Moses Worcester the 3rd, and they had two great grandfathers, Sidney Tucker and Fonze Leighton as well as two and three great grand Uncles and a couple that were cousins removed etc.

December 28, 2014
School is on Christmas break now till January 4th, so all of the students that had these horrible colds before break will surely be well when we return.
Monday December 22 I drove the Narraguagus High School Knights to Jonesport for the ball game. They beat Jonesport in both games.
Get well wishes still go out to Fred Crowley and Fred Prince of Columbia Falls, and my husband Carroll Strout, Donnie Grant, Ronald Gray and Charlene Gray of Addison as well as prayers and get well wishes to Kim Beal formerly of Addison.
On Christmas Eve David and Michelle McLaughlin and Zachary, Tiffany and Konner Strout enjoyed the traditional Christmas Eve meal of fish chowder, Caesar salad, rolls and dessert at our home.

December 21, 2014
           Bus Driver's Christmas Gathering
The professional school bus driving team met at the Navigator Resturant on December 18 for a Christmas Party , those that attended were: Marianne & Kevin Rice, Al and Mary Moore, Dave & Lori Ann Mathews, Carroll and Ronie Strout, Tracey & Mike Peterson, Darlene Stubbs, Pat Thaxter, Vicki Bailey, Clara Ann Freeman, Sherri Thaxter, Fred Crowley  and Nancy Prince, unable to attend were Wayne Grant and Fred Prince.

Get Well Wishes
Fred and Nancy Prince, Fred Crowley all of Columbia Falls needs get well wishes, as well as Skye Cirone, Ronald Gray and Carroll Strout of Addison.

Masonic Christmas Party
Friday evening Carroll and I attended the Masonic Christmas Party at the Masonic Hall in Milbridge. Santa Claus arrived to give gifts out to all the children that were there.  The Lodge put on a great meal.

This week Dick Grant brought me a framed charcoal painting of his grandparents Gilbert Grant and Clara Hartford to see if I could make a copy of them for him and me for genealogy.  I put them on Facebook and several folks contacted me that these folks were in their family as well and were glad to see them.  I have also been able to make a clearer copy of his great grandparents Clarissa Grant and Jethro Harford of Columbia Falls.
If anyone has any pictures of your ancestors in your house I would be glad to come and take a photo of them and make a copy for genealogy purposes.  
Merry Christmas from the Strout household. - Ronie Strout

December 14, 2014  Order of the Eastern Star Order of the Eastern Star, Alcyone #71of Milbridge did not have a quorum for a meeting but we did recognize Sylvia Joy with her 25 year pin and Miriam Gail Backman with a 50 year pin, both of Winter Harbor before having our cookie swap.  Six table centerpieces made by myself were raffled off during the exchange.  Great conversation and delicious cookies were had by all. We will be recessed for the months of January and February.   Keys Wanted & Received I put out a call out on Facebook for house keys or any kind of keys, and the response was overwhelming as I received keys from J. Hanson of Orland, Me, Alice & Dick Trott of Brewer, Me., Sonya Grant of Columbia, Me.,  Nancy Hayward of North Reading, Ma. and a nice bunch from the Machias Hardware store in Machias, Me. Two other drivers stepped up to do the project for their children on their buses and I was able to supply enough keys and then some for all of us. We appreciate all that took the time to send me keys. Illness & Condolences in the area Speedy recovery for Morrill Worcester who took sick while away on Wreaths Across America and a safe trip home Get well wishes go out to Fred Crowley and Patricia Thaxter of Columbia Falls, Kenny Fitzpatrick of Harrington, Carroll Strout, Ronnie Gray and prayers for Donnie Grant all of Addison and Bunny Plummer of Cherryfield. Joan McMurray of the Georgetown section is recuperating nicely from her hip accident.   There is a lot of illness in the area so that I am told with the elders; I wish them all a speedy recovery. This would be an especially good time to give them a visit or call to pick up their spirits. Condolences go out to the family of Calvin Snider who unexpectedly passed away this week. 
Abbie Museum
On Friday December 5 I took the Gifted and Talented students of Narraguagus High School to the Abby Museum in Bar Harbor for a video presentation by George the tour guide and then a tour of the museum. They are open in the winter months, if you decide to go give them a call to make sure they are open, it is well worth a trip to see the displays.
DAR Christmas Tea The Hannah Weston Chapter, of the Daughters of the American Revolution attended a Christmas Tea at the Chandler River Lodge in Jonesboro with twenty two present.  We held a meeting before the tea and Betzy Fitszgerald President of the Washington County Historical & Genealogical Society was our guest speaker with a talk on the updates to the County Court House.  Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner
The Addison Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary again this year held their annual senior citizen banquet Saturday evening December 13th. Around 100 citizens were able to get out to it. Cecil Rockwell the oldest man present at 86 lives on the West Side Rd in Addison and Eva Denny the oldest lady present at 84 lives in South Addison. Eight gift certificates were drawn off during the evening as well as the centerpieces that were on the table. Epping Volunteer Fire Department Santa Visit The newly formed Epping Volunteer Fire District (formerly the Columbia and Columbia Falls Volunteer Fire Departments) had a glorious turn-out for “Santa’s Visit” at the fire house in Columbia on December 13th.  There were many, many happy faces on the children who got to tell Santa their wish list for Christmas.  There didn’t seem to be anyone on the “naughty list” and Santa gave each child a Christmas stocking and a brand new smoke alarm!! Our sincerest gratitude to the wonderful community businesses and individuals for your continued support and donations:   Addison Fire Department, Delia’s Branch Grocery, 4 Corners Shop ‘n Save, Elmer’s Country Store, Fitness Central, Hammond Oil, Lynch Hill Farms, Mark Wright Construction & Disposal, Scovils Millside Dining, Timken Pike Tire, The Navigator Restaurant, Thomas Bouchard, Gene Stahovec, Lee Ann Coulter, Nancy Smith, Rose Wingo, and Sonya & Clifford Grant.  (Please remember to #shop local, and #eat local to support our hometown businesses.)  A big thank you to the members of the Epping Volunteer Fire District and Auxiliary, their spouses, children, family members, neighbors and friends who volunteered and worked hard to make “Santa’s Visit” a memorable one.  Last but not least our - “Goody Bakers”.  Our tables were overflowing with the touch of love and caring only your homemade, delicious goodies have. The Epping Volunteer Fire District has a very dedicated membership who spend a tremendous amount of time training and developing their skills to efficiently and effectively mitigate the emergency situations we respond to.  We take great pride in being able to offer fire service to our community. We are looking forward to next year; if you have any suggestions that would improve serving you better please feel free to contact us at the department. We love being an active partner in our community effort to make our area a wonderful place to visit and live.

Upcoming Events The Columbia selectman's meetings are the first and third Monday's of the month.

By Ronie Strout  

 Adult Contestants: Greg Grant 3rd place, Everard Hall 2nd, and Jasmine Bradley 1st

Junior Contestants: Kiki Morrill 3rd, Alexis Fletcher 2nd, and Haley Kennedy 1st

John & Lois Farnsworth celebrated 50 Wedding Anniversary March 21 at Addison.Type your paragraph here.

Photos by Ronie Strout

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